The Bluestocking Series is a Victorian-era historical romance series. Each book works as a stand-alone.

Three women attend medical school in Holland in 1887.
Josephine (To Charm a Bluestocking) is harassed by a professor and asks her father to send a fake fiancé to keep the professor away.
Marie (In Pursuit of a Bluestocking) has just graduated and is about to get married when her fiancé dies. The hero rescues her at the funeral and they end up in a wild train chase around Europe.
Claire (The Heart of a Bluestocking) needs a lawyer when her father is accused of masterminding a horse racing scandal.

To Charm A Bluestocking - Available from Escape Publishing or Universal Links
She wants to be one of the world’s first female doctors; romance is not in her plans.

In Pursuit of A Bluestocking - Available from Escape Publishing or Universal Links
When he goes hunting a thief, he never expects to catch a bluestocking...

The Heart of A Bluestocking - Available from Escape Publishing or Universal Links
Coming September 2018 to pre-order.
When an uncommon lawyer meets an unusual doctor, their story must be extraordinary...


November 1887

Josephine fiddled with her pencil as she sat with her friends, cosy on the leather bench seat. If only her mind would settle down and concentrate on her study. Outside the frigid wind blew strong and brought with it a knowledge that winter would be long and cold. The three friends had shunned the ancient university library, with its inadequate heating, in favour of the local pub. Here, they could talk as much as they liked, and as loud as they liked. The table was scattered with papers. Medical textbooks sat alongside notebooks embossed with the Municipal University of Amsterdam crest. In the hearth, a fire roared and crackled. It filled the room with much needed warmth, but did nothing to calm Josephine’s mental state.

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3 days ago

Renee Dahlia: Author

I’m currently writing a horse racing series, and this short film has some great images of early morning track work. Years ago, I worked as a strapper (ground staff) in a stable, and this was my life!

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