The Bluestocking Series
Three women attend medical school in Holland in 1887.
Josephine (To Charm a Bluestocking) is harassed by a professor and asks her father to send a fake fiancé to keep the professor away.
Marie (In Pursuit of a Bluestocking) has just graduated and is about to get married when her fiancé dies. The hero rescues her at the funeral and they end up in a wild train chase around Europe.
Claire (The Heart of a Bluestocking) needs a lawyer when her father is accused of masterminding a horse racing scandal. 

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She wants to be one of the world’s first female doctors; romance is not in her plans.

In Pursuit of A Bluestocking - Available from Escape Publishing or Universal Links
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When he goes hunting a thief, he never expects to catch a bluestocking...

The Heart of A Bluestocking - Coming September 2018

I spent all day going over my editor’s comments for The Heart of a Bluestocking (out in September). I haven’t read the book for several months and had forgotten how sassy Claire is. Some of the banter between her and Ravi had me laughing! I can’t wait for everyone to read it. I hope you all love Claire as much as I do! #amediting #romance ... See MoreSee Less