LATEST RELEASE: Available 20 October 2018

When an uncommon lawyer meets an unusual doctor, their story must be extraordinary...

The third book in the Bluestocking series, this 1888 historical romance can be read as a stand alone.

Coming in 2019: Merindah Park


The door flew open. It slammed into the wall with a thud, and two suited men burst in followed by their butler, Clemton. Claire whirled on the spot, her gaze shifting rapidly between her father and the newcomers. Clemton’s face was pinched in a frown, and he held his hands clasped in front of him.
‘Mr Carlingford. I apprehend you for the crime of fraud,’ said one of the suited men. Claire’s father stood up taller. Rigid.

The Heart of a Bluestocking. Pre-order for 20 October 2018:
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