OUT NOW: Secrets of the Soho Club


Secrets of the Soho Club Anthology
Regency anthology - Order On Amazon and KU
David and Humphrey
Regency mm Romance Novella

- friends to lovers
- workplace romance
- engineering brilliance
- canal building





His Lord's Soldier
The fourth book in the Great War series
James and Rafe
Historical mm Romance Novella

November 2021: Pictures of You Anthology
Contemporary romance anthology set in Australia

Seraph's Burlesque Club - Contemporary series set in London
Yarindale Stud - Australian rural romance series





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It’s my birthday weekend! And Mr Dahlia made me ice cream with vanilla dribbled on top. So awesome! ... See MoreSee Less
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Recent Releases

Friends to Lovers Vol 2 - Amazon and KU:  - mm: Be My Wings. Set at Seraph's Burlesque Club, a costume designer and a dancer find their HEA.

The Shipwrecked Earl's Bride (Bluestocking Prequel) - fm: A Spanish fisherman's daughter might be the best wife for a banished Earl.

Margaret River TV Boxed Set - Featuring two novellas; Homage (fm) and Uplift (ff), and a bonus short story (ff).

Her Lady's Melody (Great War #1) - ff: Two women, both widowed on the same day, find new love after loss.
Her Lady's Fortune (Great War #2) - ff: Together they could help thousands of people, if only they can trust each other.
Her Lady's Honor (Great War #3) - ff: The war might be over, but the battle for love has just begun.


Older Releases

Out of Her League (Kapow! #1) - fm: She is his greatest fan. He wants more than adoration…
His Buxom Beauty (Kapow! #2) - fm: Image is everything, or is it?
Craving His Spotlight (Kapow! #3) - mm: Can a second chance at fame avoid repeating old mistakes?
Her Pregnant Rival (Kapow! #4) - ff: Society expects them to be rivals, but what if the best revenge is love?

His Christmas Pearl (Rainbow Cove #1) - fm: One gourmet party. The taste of love?
His Christmas Pride (Rainbow Cove #1) - mm: One gourmet party. The taste of love?

Merindah Park (Merindah Park #1) - fm: Money lost, nothing lost. Courage lost, everything lost.
Making Her Mark (Merindah Park #2) - fm: I can’t risk my reputation for the sake of the ones I love … can I?
Two Hearts Healing (Merindah Park #3) - fm: All she wants is to ride again.
Racetrack Royalty (Merindah Park #4) - fm: One fast horse, and a whirlwind romance set among the glamour of Royal Ascot.

Betrayed (Farrellton #1) - fm: What happens when your best friend betrays you? Can you forgive a teenage mistake?
Forbidden (Farrellton #2) - fm: Love between foster siblings should be forbidden… unless you've never met until now.
Liability (Farrellton #3) - ff: When Maiden Heaven crashed into Jessica’s organised life, nothing would be the same again...

To Charm a Bluestocking (Bluestockings #1) - fm: She wants to be one of the world’s first female doctors; romance is not in her plans.
In Pursuit of a Bluestocking (Bluestockings #2) - fm: When he goes hunting a thief, he never expects to catch a bluestocking...
The Heart of a Bluestocking (Bluestockings #3) - fm: When an uncommon lawyer meets an unusual doctor, their story must be extraordinary...