Only One Bed: Sarah E. Lily

Over the next week or so, I’m going to be interviewing each of the eight authors in the Only One Bed: A Steamy Romance Anthology Vol 1 (Romancing The Trope). I’ve put them in alphabetical order and a quick reminder that this blog uses Amazon Affiliated links.

Sarah E. Lily is a Queer, romance-writing, tattoo-wearing woman, and is rather proud of it.

Your story in the Only One Bed anthology is In The Cards. What was the inspiration for the story?
In the Cards was inspired by my love of Tarot and moving water like rivers, creeks, and streams. There may be a dash of my own HEA in there too.

What do you love about the Only One Bed trope?
The Only One Bed trope is sexy as hell and conjures just the right level of anxiety. That’s my catnip!

Are any of your other books connected to your story in the Only One Bed anthology?
I don’t have any other books but I am currently working on a contemporary romance that has a Friends to Lovers trope, a witchy metaphysical shop, lots of Tarot, and a rottweiler named Rhubard.

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