Welcome to BeST (Bisexual Sing Team).

Renee Dahlia’s retired rock stars are about to reinvent themselves and find love. Back in the nineties, the Bisexual Sing Team was about to make it big, but then the bass guitarist got pregnant and the lead singer launched a solo career, and the band fell apart. Nearly thirty years later, the band are living very different lives and a pandemic forces each of them to come to terms with their past and their future.

Featuring drummer (Sierra - Count Me In), guitarist (Vivian - Strum Me Hard), and bass guitarist (Jessica - Tune Me Up).

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Reading Order:

  1. Count Me In - Buy Links
  2. Strum Me Hard - Buy Links
  3. Tune Me Up - Buy Links
  4. Boxed Set of all three novellas in print and digital - Buy Links

Content Warnings

Count Me In: references to alcoholism, abusive parenting, a cheating ex-husband, and a parental death from domestic abuse (off page). This book is set during 2020, in Australia, during the pandemic and will contain references to COVID prior to the vaccine being available.

Strum Me Hard: references to the COVID pandemic (in Australia), and surrogate parenting.

Tune Me Up: contains a murder, as well as discussions around problems in the music industry including references to paedophiles and abusers. This book is set just after the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia with some mentions of the pandemic and the consequences of it.