Count Me In


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A fallen rock star meets a scrapbooking queen

Sierra Street was once a rock star, now she's a homeless delivery driver. Finding new accommodation after being evicted is complicated as her best animal friend is... A goat named Grohl.

Scrapbooking entrepreneur Hermione Bates' comfortable little life is turned upside down when she impulsively offers her spare room to the driver who delivers her business’s parcels.

It's just being housemates, gorgeous paper goods, and a goat stuck in the middle, until one night everything changes and their friendship turns to so much more ... Maybe even love?

Content Notes: Please be aware that this book contains references to alcoholism, abusive parenting, a cheating ex-husband, and a parental death from domestic abuse (off page). This book is set during 2020, in Australia, during the pandemic and will contain references to COVID prior to the vaccine being available.