The Heart of a Bluestocking

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Can a Bluestocking have it all?

September 1888:

Dr Claire Carlingford owns the tag of bluestocking. Her tycoon father encouraged her to study, and with the support of her two best friends, she took it further than anyone could imagine to graduate as a doctor and run her own medical practice. But it’s not enough for her father. He wants her to take over the business, so he can retire. His sudden arrest throws his plans into chaos. Can Claire discover the threat to the family business?

Mr James Ravi Howick, second son of Lord Dalhinge, wants to use his position as a lawyer to improve conditions for his mother’s family in India. When an opportunity arises to work for Carlingford Enterprises, one of the richest companies in the known world, Ravi leaps at the chance to have his own legal practise. Soon he is swept away by the force of Claire’s character, however, one revelation from his older brother could ruin everything.

Can Ravi and Claire work together to expose the swindle, or will family expectations pull them apart?