What happens when your best friend betrays you? Can you forgive a teenage mistake?

When ESTHER WOODHALL steps out of a hotel lift and sees a glorious naked man standing by the concierge, all her sense tingle. As she looks up at his face, her heart sinks. Jordan, her neighbour and best friend, the man who abandoned her eight years ago after she tricked him into sex to escape a forced marriage with an older man. Caught in the act and thrown onto the streets took her from one bad situation into another. Homeless and pregnant, a wonderful foster family took her in, but the friendship with Jordan was broken beyond repair. For the past eight years, she’s worked hard to create a decent life for her and her profoundly deaf daughter, Ashia. Will he forgive her when he finds out the truth?

For the past eight years, JORDAN STOJANOV has stayed away from Sydney where he grew up. An important business trip reinforces his frustrations when he ends up naked in a hotel lobby. The last person he expects to see is Esther—the very reason he left eight years ago—and he doesn’t expect the chance meeting to change everything. Jordan believed she destroyed their friendship, and when he hears the truth, he must reconsider his assumptions. Throw in a new chemistry between him and Esther, and their old friendship has grown into a fierce sensual fire. The revelation that he has a daughter is an added complication, and Jordan rearranges his life to meet Ashia, except not everything is quite as it seems. Can he move beyond his past to claim the future he yearns for?



Please be aware that this book contains descriptions of teenage pregnancy, child-brides, and homelessness.