Love between foster siblings should be forbidden unless…

Creative non-conformist QUEENIE TUHOE wants two things; a steady job and somewhere better to rent. She’s counting down the months until she has saved enough to leave her crappy share house. At least she has one of her goals ticked off, working as a car salesperson for her foster sister. When her house mate gets arrested and she’s made homeless, a gorgeous stranger offers her a room in his house. He’s hot and kind, and while he hasn’t demanded sex, she’s slept with people for sillier reasons than that.

Workaholic CJ ALBANY-SEAGOER has burnt out. He overcame his terrible upbringing, thanks to his foster mum Mrs Farrellton who told him, ‘Only one person can change your world, CJ. You.’ A chance meeting with Queenie gives him an opportunity to return Mrs Farrellton’s favour and help someone in need. He swoops in to save Queenie from being homeless and ends up with more than he bargained for. Yes, she’s smoking hot, and the sex is incredible, but it’s the way she makes him laugh that is the most attractive thing. He falls hard for her.

There’s only one problem. A shared foster mum should make love forbidden unless CJ can convince Queenie there is a radical solution to their ethical dilemma.


This book contains a discussion on the ethics of foster siblings having a romantic relationship outside the foster family dynamic, toxic abusive parents, parental death, and burnout.