Love between foster siblings should be forbidden… unless you've never met until now.

QUEENIE TUHOE is counting down the months until she can leave her crappy share house. She’s stuck there until she clears her debts, working as a car salesperson for her foster sister. But when her house mate gets arrested, her awful day turns a surprising corner when a gorgeous stranger offers her a room in his house for the same rate she’s paying. He’s hot and kind, and she’s slept with people for sillier reasons than that. And best of all, he doesn’t sneer at her dyslexia and understands that her creativity is honed by forever finding ways to navigate a text driven world. But when he invites her to his foster mum’s Sunday lunch, a massive ethical dilemma erupts. His foster mum is her foster mum. She arrived in Mrs Farrellton’s care after he’d left, but where do you draw the line? Are they foster siblings or not? Or is the financial imbalance between them a bigger issue?

CJ ALBANY-SEAGOER didn’t get much from his deadbeat parents. Only a crappy name and too many beatings. Eventually the system removed him from them, but the alternative wasn’t any better. After eleven foster homes, almost one per year, he ended up with Mrs Farrellton as a bitter teenager. Her no-nonsense love helped him finish school. ‘Only one person can change your world, CJ. You.’ He took all his anger and threw himself into work. Diagnosed with a stress ulcer, he takes time off to reorganise his life plan. A chance meeting with Queenie gives him an opportunity to return Mrs Farrellton’s favour. He swoops in to save Queenie from being homeless and ends up with more than he bargained for. Yes, she’s smoking hot, and the sex is incredible, but it’s the way she makes him laugh that is the most attractive thing. He falls hard for her. The natural next step is to introduce her to his foster mum, except Queenie is a foster kid too, one of many who calls Mrs Farrellton Mum. It looks like love will forever be forbidden from him.


This book contains a discussion on the ethics of foster siblings having a romantic relationship outside the foster family dynamic, toxic abusive parents, parental death, and burnout.