JUNE 2019

When Maiden Heaven crashed into Jessica’s organised life, nothing would be the same again...

NEVE LEE, mechanic and ex-porn star, has saved up enough to grow her garage business in the direction of her dreams—restoring old cars. She used the job as Maiden Heaven to save up enough money to start her own mechanic’s shop, and now she’s branched out to buy an ancient Mini to restore. When she crashes the car into someone’s garden wall, she figures her dreams are going to have to wait until she can pay for the damage. She doesn’t expect the owner of the wall to be a fan of hers. When Jessica proposes to invest in her restoration business, Neve can’t resist. The money gets her closer to her goals, and Jessica… Well, she’s hot and doesn’t judge her for her past. A foster kid who was shuttled through many homes before she ended up with Mrs Farrellton, Neve has put that all behind her. Or so she thinks. A letter will change everything she believed about herself…

JESSICA BEAUMONT is a self-made tech billionaire who lives alone in a mansion on the leafy north shore of Sydney. She is introverted and single, and very particular about how her life is set up. With wealthy white parents who think her queerness is ‘just a phase’, she’s focused on her tech business. She tells herself she’s happy, but in reality, she’s hiding a guilty secret and feels like she’d be a liability to a partner. When Neve crashes, literally, into her house, Jessica wants to give something back to the porn star who helped her survive a tough time in her life. Her enthusiastic investment in Neve’s business is an excuse to be closer to Maiden Heaven. But Jessica’s money and her guilt both prove to be the liability that Jessica always worried about. Can she forgive herself, and will Neve forgive her for the way Jessica’s fan fetish screwed up everything between them?

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