Driven To Protect

Paid to protect him … But at what cost?

Paulo's father's money bought him a seat in a Series One car, and now he needs to prove himself. Unfortunately, after a spectacular crash he finds it hard not to believe all the bad press about him. He escapes hospital to go to a dodgy bar, thinking a secret hook-up might get this all out of his system. Then he meets Cohen.

Working as a security guard in a run-down gay bar as a trans man has meant Cohen has had some surprises. But none as shocking as when rich and famous Paulo offers him a new job. He can take the money and protect his boss without getting emotionally involved. Can’t he?

As the racing season progresses, they have everything to prove. Paulo needs to be the driver he knows he can be, and Cohen needs to show that he can protect the man he’s falling in love with.

Content Notes: Please note this story contains transphobia (mostly off page and implied), asshole parents, homophobia, travel to nations where being queer is illegal, and a police chase.