Craving His Spotlight


Release date: 18 January 2021

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Can a second chance at fame avoid repeating old mistakes?

RILEY MICAH is at a cross-roads in his life. As a teen he found fame as lead singer for So You Think, but he lost it all in a haze of alcoholism. He’s been clean for eight years, absolutely bloody sober. To sort out his life, he hid in the outback, working for a local council as part of a road crew. Unlike the stereotype of a road worker, it was hard physical work and it made him lean and tough. Recently, a tune he uploaded to Triple J Unearthed under a new name gets airplay on the radio, and he has a decision to make. Can he go back to life as a famous musician? If he tells people that Riley Le Breton is Riley Micah, the old lead singer for So You Think, the song—and perhaps his music career—will take off. But at what cost to his sober self? He needs a marketing plan to help him control it all; the money, the message, the impact on his sobriety.

VINCE CATTANEO has spent over a decade getting rich. His grandfather was rich, but his father lost it all on gambling and drugs, and it was Vince’s mission to put that failure behind him and regain the family wealth. Now Vince is the owner of Kapow Marketing and no one will ever suspect that he spent the last years of his teens driving a beat up old car with a radio that wouldn’t work and a CD stuck in the player. So You Think; on repeat for two years. If he never hears those songs again, it’ll be too soon. When one of the band members walks into Kapow needing a marketing plan to deal with sudden new success, Vince is surprised at the way his voice resonates with him. He knows one thing is true; he doesn’t want to get stuck on repeat, like the CD, chasing the untrustworthy love of an addict.