His Buxom Beauty


Coming: 16 October 2020

Discover the Kapow Series

Sydney's hotshot silver fox advertising exec has a secret… and his plus sized, rainbow-haired free spirit knows it.

To keep her barbershop from going bust and her creativity alive, Poppy must drag her family business into the current decade. A big refit and word of mouth advertising would do it. Unfortunately, it's not just her traditional family standing in her way. Her highest profile client keeps a secret. . .

Stu Cooper shouldn’t be lying about his hair, or to himself about his feelings for the stunning curvy hairdresser who makes his pulse race every time she touches him. But his professional image is everything, and Poppy, with her rainbow hair and big personality, doesn’t fit.

He’s her client and her best chance of success, so she can’t allow those tingles when she touches him to lead to anything more. When their passion flares, they will have to choose: the professional integrity they’ve spent years cultivating, or a chance on love.

  • Silver fox hero
  • Pining
  • Class difference
  • Found family
  • Yearning
  • Opposites attract