His Pregnant Rival

A secret baby made them rivals, but the best revenge is love.

Pregnant and alone, Jamie Cleveland’s life imploded when her lover revealed he was married. The cheating is bad enough, but if Jamie’s controlling father discovers she’s about to be a single mom, he’ll pull her trust fund. Jamie’s fashion blogging is glamorous, but doesn’t pay. Worse still, if she goes it alone, her mother might pay the price for her disobedience, and Jamie can’t allow that. So it’s just Jamie’s luck that when she walks into a prenatal appointment and finds the wife of her baby’s father is her doctor.

Knowing your soon to be ex-husband is a cheating pig is one thing, but being confronted by the gorgeous woman he’s been sleeping with is quite another. Especially since she’s pregnant, desperate, and clearly alone, when she most needs family. Dr Amanda Aitken knows she ought to hate Jamie, but all she can feel is compassion. . . and a frisson of attraction.

On a whim, Amanda invites Jamie to get to know her child’s half-siblings, and brings her enemy irresistibly close. They can’t fight their desire, but when the men in their lives find out, they’ll have a war between duty and love. . .

Society expects them to be rivals, and neither of them expect that the best revenge is to love each other.

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Secret baby; with a twist
  • Lesbian romance

Content Warning: Asshole man. Pregnancy. Discussion on abortion. Catholic. Domestic violence. Gaslighting.

Content Warnings: Please be aware that this story includes references to pregnancy, domestic violence, gaslighting, a discussion on abortion, and issues around weight loss.