His Pregnant Rival

Society expects them to be rivals, but what if the best revenge is love?

Fashion blogger JAMIE CLEVELAND only gets access to her trust fund when her father is happy with her actions. If it was just money, she’d walk away, but she desperately wants to keep her mother safe too. Obedience matters to him. When she gets pregnant, she learns that her lover Craig is married and she freaks out. Her family, especially her father, cannot find out. Desperate, she confronts Craig’s wife, and they argue. All is lost until she turns up at the hospital for an appointment and Craig’s ex-wife is her doctor.

When DR AMANDA AITKEN discovers her ex-husband, Craig, has been screwing a fashion blogger, she’s reminded why she filed for divorce. It’s one thing to believe that women shouldn’t be pitted against each other when a terrible man is to blame, but it’s another thing all together to see one of her husband’s fuck-buddies in person. But when Jamie arrives at the hospital for an appointment, she realises she can’t let her children’s half-sibling grow up alone. She invites Jamie to live with her and raise the baby along with her own two children.

Society expects them to be rivals, and neither of them expect that the best revenge on Craig is to love each other.

Content Warning: Asshole man. Pregnancy. Discussion on abortion. Catholic. Domestic violence. Gaslighting.