Out Of Her League

She is his greatest fan. He wants more than adoration…

JOEY MANANUI has had it all. The dizzying heights of a successful rugby league career, the lows of a career ended when he fractured his spine during a game. Now, three years after becoming a paraplegic, he has returned to success, thanks to the huge sums people pay to listen to his inspirational story. Only one thing is missing from his life, a partner who cares more about him than his fame.

ELLA TART is a massive fan of Joey Mananui. She has followed his story from his sensational debut through to his awful injury. When she books tickets to see him on the final night of his Leagues Club tour, she gets more than she bargained for. An incredible one night stand.

But when he arrives at her work a few days later, and her boss wants them to work together, Joey and Ella both have their own motivations for keeping their one night stand secret. They just need to keep their hands off each other…


Content Warnings

Alcoholism, cancer, mention of suicide.