Making Her Mark

RACHEL BASSETT is a jockey who left the family farm at sixteen after a disastrous social experience. She’s worked hard to prove herself in the male dominated racing world, and on the day of her greatest success, her first group one winner, her world comes crashing down when a public breakup with her girlfriend leaves her temporarily homeless. Allira, a friend from school offers a bed at her place, but when Allira’s brother Djaran arrives, Rachel doesn’t want to acknowledge how attractive he is. She’s done with relationships, having been burnt by both men and women, and wants to be alone to focus on her career.

DJARAN MULLAGH is an AFL player from a loving family who nurtured his sports career. Given the ironic nickname, Lawless, by his teammates, he wants to do a law degree when his sports career is over. To succeed, in sport and in his long term goal of having his own firm, he works hard on maintaining a clean image and keeping his life out of the media spotlight. When he meets Rachel, they connect over their small town upbringing, and a shared lifestyle as athletes. She’s almost perfect, except for one thing, she’s the opposite to all the strong, nurturing women in his life – bold, brash, prickly.

When some of Djaran’s mates get involved in a punter’s club gone wrong, and Rachel is accused of breaking the rules of racing, Djaran must choose between helping his friends, believing in Rachel, or his clean image.


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