Merindah Park

Merindah Park

'Money lost, nothing lost. Courage lost, everything lost.' Can two people take the ultimate gamble and fall in love?

They say one good horse can change your address and farm manager John Bassett has found that horse. Since the death of his gambling addicted father, John has lifted his family farm out of a financial hole, but now it is time to take Merindah Park back to the top. When last year’s Japanese Derby winner Tsuyoi Red comes on the market, John knows this horse is the perfect stallion to relaunch Merindah Park. A visit to Japan to inspect the horse results in a meeting that will lead to John gambling his heart too.

Veterinarian Toshiko Sato uses her superior mathematical ability to secretly, and successfully, bet on racehorses. Her family wants her to marry the neighbour, so the two farms can be joined together, but when a handsome straight-talking Australian arrives at the farm to buy a horse, she takes the chance to travel with him before deciding. When her secret is revealed, she risks losing her future, her family, and her heart.



Please be aware that this book contains descriptions of gambling addiction, immigration detention, and injured horses.