Merindah Park

JOHN HENRY BASSETT has a plan to restore his family farm, Merindah Park, to its former glory. Once a thriving horse stud in Victoria with a massive list of champion graduates, the farm suffered huge financial losses under the leadership of John’s gambling addict father. Since his dad’s death five years ago, John has slowly dug the farm out of the financial hole, and now he is risking everything to buy a stallion. With the right horse, the farm will once more produce top horses, but will his obsession with the tough, sound Japanese racing circuit be his undoing? Or will the connection be forged forever?

TOSHIKO SATO trained as a veterinarian and works on the family horse farm, Tomikusa, in Japan. For fun, she uses her superior mathematical ability to successfully bet on racehorses. Her family wants her to marry the neighbour, so the two farms can be joined together. When her father dies in a car accident, she discovers he’s left nothing in his will for her, and the farm belongs to her brother, Kaito. Toshiko doesn’t want to be a burden on her family and is left with a difficult choice. She could be disrespectful and use her secret fortune to walk away, or she could honour her father’s plans. When a handsome straight-talking Australian arrives at the farm to buy a horse from Kaito, she takes the chance to travel with him before deciding. But will she end up gambling with her heart?