Racetrack Royalty

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Merindah Park Series

One fast horse, and a whirlwind romance set among the glamour of Royal Ascot.

Shannon Bassett

It’s a long way from Merindah Park, Australia, to Royal Ascot—but that’s where I’ve found myself. The international stud farm that bought my horse, Biographical, want him to race and as his trainer, they need me here. I’m not the top hat and penguin suit type, and the media here don’t get my horse at all—unlike the beautiful woman reading the newspaper over my shoulder on the train today. I’m going home soon so I shouldn’t fall for Ananya, but she understands me as well as horses ... and she’s sexy as hell ...

Ananya Rahman

According to my middle-class, hard-working parents, I have the world’s weirdest hobby. I love doing pedigree analysis on racehorses, and I spend much of my hard-earned cash every year on clothes for Royal Ascot. Still, I didn’t mean to lecture this cute Aussie about his own horse on the train today—or to be pulled into his fancy world of horse breeders. I’m a London girl and he’s from the other side of the world ... but we both forget that when we kiss. What happens when the races are over?