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Seraph's Burlesque Club Series

They’re real life enemies, but online they’re besties. . .

Stubborn disabled dance club owner meets demisexual property tycoon in this ff enemies to lovers romance.

Seraph's Burlesque Club owner Beth Zendeli takes no nonsense. She hustled to keep her club afloat through lean years and a pandemic, and she doesn’t let her disability define her. But her perfect location has been sold, and the club is being evicted. The new owner is unreasonable, immovable, and irritating. In desperation, she turns to the online friends she talks about plants with. . .

Property investor Liz Whitten has plans for the old building she's just purchased, and she's used to getting her way. But when she meets the leaseholder in real life, a chance statement reveals Beth to be Liz's online friend QueenB. Can she really evict a friend? Especially a friend who is so unexpected and fascinating in real life.

Liz must decide if profits and ideals matter more than friendship, or if it’s worth taking a risk on love.


Enemies to lovers

Seasoned romance (older main characters)

Online friends to IRL lovers

Friends online and enemies IRL

Content Notes: Please note this series is set after the COVID pandemic and assumes everyone is vaccinated. It’s a bit of a post-pandemic fantasy that doesn’t really reflect reality, unfortunately. There is also a car crash death (not on page) and one character who became an amputee in the same crash. There is discussion around the death of a parent.