Show Time

Ben’s embarrassing crush on burlesque dancer Dan becomes impossible to keep a secret when Dan invites him to be his fake date at a wedding. The whole thing will push him out of his comfort zone; international travel, so many people, and pretending not to be intrigued by Dan. Maybe he can stop pretending for a few days? Isn’t that what a good fake boyfriend would do?

Dan only invited Ben to the wedding so everyone focuses on the two grooms and not on Dan’s, apparently hilarious, single status. He’s only 32. What’s the big rush to couple up, anyway? If only the location wasn’t so romantic, Ben wasn’t so stunningly hot, and capable, and fascinating, and… He might have a chance of not falling in love.

Content Warnings: Please note this series is set after the COVID pandemic and assumes everyone is vaccinated. It’s a bit of a post-pandemic fantasy that doesn’t really reflect reality, unfortunately. There are some discussions around sex work and the impact of a homophobic family (off page).