Show Up

A fake date … a real secret

An invitation to her ex's wedding is the icing on a crappy cake for burlesque dancer Yolande. Her ex ghosted her just as they were about to take the stage for their neo-burlesque act. Yolande’s friends at Seraph's Burlesque Club persuade her that attending will show her ex that she's moved on. She just needs a date.

Shy bartender Reiko has a secret, or two. She can't risk anyone discovering that her life as a penniless PhD student and bartender is a sham. And even though she's been in love with Yolande since forever, when Yolande needs a plus-one to save face at her ex’s wedding, Reiko knows any fantasy of romance is just that - fantasy. Yolande will never notice the way Reiko looks at her.

When the drama of the wedding reveals a spark of attraction between them, Reiko will have to risk her fake identity for the hope of real love.

- found family
- fake dating
- friends to lovers
- only one bed

Content Warning

Please note that this book is set in a post-COVID London where everyone is vaccinated. There will be some references to the pandemic. There are also references to a character’s mother dying in a car crash prior to the book, and a minor discussion of racism.