Interview: Shona Husk

Shona Husk
is the author of over forty books that range from sensual to scorching, and cover the contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi romance genres. Her most recent series are Face the Music, Blood and Silver and Annwyn, as well as writing romance she also writes sci-fi for the Takamo Universe game and urban fantasy under anther pen name. She lives in Western Australia and when she isn’t writing or reading she loves to cook, cross stitch and research places she’d one day like to travel.

Your new book, Diving Into Trouble comes out 12 July. What was the inspiration for the story?
I have written a few contemporary (and a couple of paranormals too) books set in WA (and Fremantle). It’s where I have lived for 20 or so years and I think it’s a great place. The reason I moved to WA was because hubby was in the navy. While I’ve read military romance, most of them are about special forces guys. Submariners are a pretty elite group (most people couldn’t do what they do), so I thought I’d make them the heroes and/or heroines of this series. I loved that I was able to build a community because the crew is tight knit. I also think any relationship where one partner is away for half the year is going to have to be pretty special to survive.

What is your favourite genre to read, and why?
I like books that take me away. I grew up reading fantasy novels and discovered romance in my twenties (I was so excited to find paranormal and fantasy romance). These days I read across many genres though I’m still drawn to fantasy and urban fantasy and romances where the hero isn’t a billionaire, alpha pain in the butt—give me a hero who gets his hands dirty.

Do you have a favourite genre to write?
Not really. I like switching between paranormal and contemporary romance as they each have their appeal. I’ve also added another pen name to my quiver and have been loving the big world building of urban fantasy where the romance is much more of a sub plot over several books.

Do you have a book from your childhood that really resonated with you? What was it about that book that was special?
I think the first book I loved was the Riddle of the Trumpalar which was a time travel book. Then it was Playing Beatie Bow (also time travel)…I haven’t written a time travel story. I should really work on that 🙂 I loved that the children got to have this wild adventure and that they got to live history if only for a little while.

If you could be one of your characters – Who would you be? And why?
I’m awful to my characters! I’d never trade places because I’d end up in all kinds of life threatening situations. That said I did elope with my military hero…so maybe I am a romance heroine 😉

About Diving Into Trouble
A submarine, a one-night-stand, and a forbidden workplace romance…
Kurt Garland is at a crossroads: sign for another two years as a submariner or leave and rejoin civilian life. With only weeks to make up his mind, he’s torn between the financial stability and mateship of life in the Navy, and the freedom and balance outside of the military. With big life decisions on the line, Kurt needs space to think, so a one-night-stand with a sexy stranger is all he can commit to. Until his sexy stranger shows up on his submarine…
Getting accepted into the Submarine Corps was an enormous career goal for Rainy Miller, and she has no intention of screwing it up. A Marine Technician for the last eight years in the surface fleet, Rainy craves the new challenges of a submariner. With her training complete, she’s about to join a boat for the first time, and her career relies on a good impression. When her one night stand shows up in the galley, she has to shut it down, walk away, pretend it never happened. But all submariners know that secrets don’t stay secret for long on a sub.

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