Female Ear Worms

To celebrate International Womens Day 2018, my gift to you is a short selection of some of my favourite female singers. Our music files are filled with the voices of wonderful female singers, and it was difficult to choice. How do you pick between legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, punk star Joan Jett, pop darlings such as Beyonce and Madonna, or bands such as Hole, Mazzy Star, and Killing Heidi?

I’m going to open with one of my all time favourites: Regina Spektor’s ‘Summer in the City’. The lyrics are heart wrenching.

I discovered Greta Svabo Bach when she sang in the Bloody Beetroots song ‘Chronicles of a Fallen Love’, and I adore her song ‘Shut up & Sing’

The Australian singer Meg Mac has an outstanding voice, and her song ‘Never Be’ really shows it off to its fullest. I also love her songs ‘Roll up your sleeves’ and ‘Grandma’s Hands’.

The battle between favourites continues – should I pick Kimbra, Bjork, Sarah Blasko, Asta, Sia, Ali Barter, Lorde, Broods, PJ Harvey, La Roux, Washington, Lilly Allen…

It’s been a tough choice, but in keeping with fabulous voices, I’m going to pick Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries who passed away aged only 46 recently. ‘Ode to my family’.

To finish with a little bit of humour, this is my favourite camp fire belter song. Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. The satirical version of the video clip is worth checking out too.


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