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Over the next week or so, I’m going to be interviewing each of the eight authors in the Only One Bed: A Steamy Romance Anthology Vol 1 (Romancing The Trope). I’ve put them in alphabetical order and a quick reminder that this blog uses Amazon Affiliated links.

AZ Louise is a writer from Syracuse, New York, whose conure keeps them company during the writing process. Their background in civil engineering has been invaluable in their works of speculative fiction and poetry, and absolutely useless for writing romance. When not writing, they can be found knitting, playing folk harp, or weaving.

Your story in the Only One Bed anthology is Romantic Intent. What was the inspiration for the story?
My story is Romantic Intent, a story about two campers and a mischievous puppy. My inspiration was a bit weird; I was doing the dishes when I looked out the window and saw a man let his dog pee on our garbage cans. I was joking around about it with my writing group, saying it sounded like the beginning of a rom-com, and the story idea blossomed from there.

What do you love about the Only One Bed trope?
I love this trope because one of my favorite things is seeing how I can make stubborn characters bend. What does it take to make an intensely private character open up their space and their heart to another person? My characters always surprise me when I ask that question.

It wasn’t that I was surprised that Ryan was so strong. What was a shock was the way his strength made me feel, safe and sheltered. I had an urge to trot into step with him instead of trailing behind, in hopes that he might reach for me again. I shoved it down as hard as I could, annoyed with myself for even thinking it.

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