Interview: McGee Mathews

McGee Mathews writes character driven contemporary romance with a guaranteed happy ending. She won the 2019 Lesfic Bard Awards for excellence in writing and storytelling in the category of New Author for her novel Moving Violations.

Your 6th book, Delivering Generations, comes out in March. What was the inspiration for the story?
This is the third of the Ladies of Diamond Lake series. The characters wanted me to finish their story, and my hobby of genealogy provided the rest. My wife would say family history is my obsession. One time I found an online book on her family and decided I should print it out. At two am. And the computer stand was in our bedroom. Every fifteen minutes the machine would beep until I put in more paper and it was over 200 pages long. She still brings that up.

What character out of all your books is the closest to your personality?
There are bits of me in every character, but if pressed, I’d say my younger me is closer to Amy in Moving Violations. A screw society shell on the outside, turmoil on the inside.

Who is your perfect heroine? And why?
Romana Quimby was always my favorite. In particular, she played with friends who were boys, she was comfortable with herself and not afraid to get dirty, and the stories are hilarious.

What is the nicest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?
I think I improve with every book that I write, but this comment floored me. “Her writing is impeccably honed, full of juxtapositions and qualifications that help to create an emotional atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.”

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
The first writer’s convention I went to in Reno. The networking was phenomenal, the experienced authors kind and encouraging, the classes overwhelming and vital to my writing. I am pleased to say I still am friends with people from my two-day plotting class. (Harper Kincaid, Mary Boland-Doyle, M Jane Collette, Sherri A. Dub)

Blurb for Delivering Generations

The women of Diamond Lake continue their adventures in the latest in the series, Delivering Generations.

The newest officer to join the Diamond Lake police force, Jackie Dupuis is a little eccentric. She finds deciphering people exhausting, which leaves her lonely in this small town. She isn’t quite ready to say that she made a mistake taking this job, but she’s close. If not for the success of her paranormal hobby in this extremely haunted place, she might have already left.

When Angie Stolmeijer arrived, she assumed she wouldn’t be in town for more than a few months. A budding musician and a cosmetologist, she works at the hair salon of Winnie, her Aunt Nancy’s partner. As her aunts try to help her find direction, they watch with knowing eyes as Angie develops an interest in a certain new cop. Even with their support, though, there are some journeys in life that you must walk alone.

Amy Gilbert and Molly Gorman enthusiastically prepare for their baby. Amy’s footloose lifestyle is challenged while attending to a stubborn, usually self-sufficient, and now pregnant partner. To her shock and pleasure, her parents embrace the upcoming grandbaby.

Molly has her eye on the future, yet her family history haunts her. Her parents are opposed to her having a child. Molly’s paternal grandfather was her hero, upholding the law. Small-town gossip has her wondering if it’s true that shady characters are sprinkled on her family tree. When a body is found, the rumors gain traction.

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