Welcome to Desiring The Dexingtons, a Regency romance series.

Humphrey Dexington (Love Wasn't Built In A Day) has seven sisters. They work in the family linen manufactoring business in Manchester.

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Reading Order

  1. Love Wasn't Built In A Day - mm - May 1812: A friends to lovers gay Regency romance with a delicious slow burn.
  2. The Secret Life of Spinsters - wlw - June 1812: An unexpected alliance between spinsters…
  3. The Highwayman's Surprise Bride - m/w - 1813: She can rescue herself, but perhaps life is more fun together.
  4. The Summer of Second Chances - wlw - 1814: An addict and her nurse get a second chance at life and love.
  5. The Widow's Modiste - wlw - Dec 1818: A bored widow, an incredible dress, and a modiste with a secret.

Content Warnings

Love Wasn't Built In A Day: includes discussions around sodomite laws, and slavery.
The Secret Life of Spinsters: includes mentions of slavery, the Luddite movement, and adoption.
The Highwayman's Surprise Bride: contains kidnapping, murder, threats of rape, and the deadnaming of trans character.
The Summer of Second Chances: includes Laudanum addiction, spousal abuse (off page), dentistry (teeth), and reference to slavery. If you are squeamish about going to the dentist, please read this book with care.
The Widow's Modiste: