A found family series based around Mrs Farrellton and her foster children. Each story works as a stand-alone book, with the series characters connected via their foster mother, Mrs Farrellton.

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Excerpt from Betrayed:

Esther waved to her foster mum who stood in the back door with a bright orange apron covered in a floral print. The colours she chose always made her dark skin glow, or maybe her glow simply came from the happiness she projected onto the world. Mrs Farrellton, Mum, had multitudes of love to give to all the lost and forgotten children. The ones who came to Australia as orphan immigrants, the ones like Esther who suffered under their birth parent’s poor choices, or their own poor choices, and the ones who needed love when the world hadn’t given them any yet. Mum always had room for them all. Esther had always wanted to ask Mum about Mr Farrellton who had fallen in love with a young Indigenous woman from Redfern. His business provided the funds for Mum’s big heart and all her foster kids, but Mr Farrellton had died years ago, leaving Mum a big house and room for everyone.


Reading Order

1. Betrayed (Jordan and Esther) - Buy It Here
2. Forbidden (Queenie and CJ) - Buy It Here
3. Liability (Neve and Jessica) - Buy It Here

This series was written in 2018 and has been extensively re-edited and updated in 2022.