Gamble Racing

Gamble Racing

Gamble Racing - This is an mm series set in the world of motorsport. Due to copyright issues, it is based on the very famous open-wheel single-seater car racing championship but with a new name: Series One aka S1.

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The map of Socrates' test track was designed by my son (when he was 11).

0. Gamble Racing: The Origins - Socrates and Mike

1. Driven to Distraction - Ondrej and Hudson. Buy Link

2. Driven by Passion - Lucien and Victor. Buy Link

3. Driven by Ambition - Jaxxon and Freddy. Buy Link.

4. Driven to Protect - Paulo and Cohen. Buy Link.


Content Warnings

Driven to Distraction: contains forced outing (off page).
Driven by Passion: contains toxic parenting, suicide ideation, car crashes, and assault.
Driven by Ambition: contains a car crash causing disability, alcoholism, medical debt, stalking.
Driven to Protect: contains transphobia (mostly off page and implied), asshole parents, homophobia, travel to nations where being queer is illegal, bigoted Christianity, and a police chase (in USA but written from my Australian perspective – please don’t laugh too much!).

Series Extras:
Gamble Racing The Origins: includes a car accident and parental death.
Bucket List Love: includes AIDS, pandemics, cancer death (off page), discussion of emotional coercion, and cheating (off page).
Skye Is Falling:

The map, below, was designed by Renée Dahlia's son and is the test track at Socrates' estate.