Rainbow Cove

An Australian Christmas Anthology: One gourmet party. Six potential couples. The taste of love?

OUT NOW: His Christmas Pearl

OUT NOW: His Christmas Pride

Anthology Reading Order

1. His Christmas Feast, by Nora James: Amazon AUS Link
2. Her Christmas Kisses, by Susanne Bellamy: Amazon AUS Link
3. Her Christmas Homecoming, by Shirley Wine: Amazon AUS Link
4. His Christmas Pearl, by Renee Dahlia: Amazon AUS Link
5. His Christmas Escape, by Shona Husk Amazon AUS Link

Content Warnings

His Christmas Pearl: contains descriptions of bullying, religious judgement against queer people, and racist microaggressions.
His Christmas Pride: contains discussion around PTSD for paramedics, religious judgement against queer people, domestic violence, and racist microaggressions.

His Christmas Pearl

The last thing Kiet Viravaidya wants to do on Christmas Day is deliver oysters from his farm to a party that he's not invited to. But duty calls-the party is being hosted by Christophe, a chef who is a regular client, and having been stung by embezzlement, Kiet's business needs the money. Kiet doesn't want to talk to people, and history has taught him he can't trust anyone, especially not the gorgeous stranger in a ridiculous Christmas dress with dangling Santa earrings.

Zoe Russell loves Christmas but thanks to her family, the last couple of Christmases haven't been much fun. When she's invited to Christophe's Christmas party, she leaps to say yes. Zoe spies Kiet shucking oysters in the kitchen, and something about his competent hands draws her to him. She wants to know more about him, and as a forensic accountant, she can't resist the thrill of figuring out who is embezzling from his business.

It seems like the perfect reason to spend time together.

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His Christmas Pride

Sam Viravaidya knows he’s thrown his brother Kiet under the bus by asking him to deliver oysters from their farm to a Rainbow Cove Christmas lunch. But his ex-girlfriend will be there and Sam would rather not see her. She broke it off because he needed to ‘grow up’. He suspects she’s right, but he also knows he’d much rather hang out online in SkyDiscHooks creating cities and chatting to the mysterious Velebit. Being an adult is over-rated, and so is Christmas. When his friendship with Velebit grows into something more, Sam doesn’t need to worry about serious. Velebit lives on the other side of the world … doesn’t he?

When Sam discovers Velebit is actually Mick, the local paramedic, he could not be more surprised.

After a devastating factory fire, Mick has fled the city and just wants to settle down to a quiet country life. When Mick discovers his online crush lives nearby, and is just as gorgeous in real life, he’s hooked. But Mick isn’t convinced Sam will stick around for him, and he’s not ready to risk his heart. Will Sam be able to grow up in time to prove he is worthy of Mick’s love, or will their love go up in flames?

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