The Bluestockings Series

Three remarkable young women, Josephine, Marie and Claire, graduate from Amsterdam University’s Medical program in 1887. This series tells their stories, and the heroes who adore them.

Reading Order:
1. To Charm a Bluestocking (Josephine and Nicholas) - Published March 2017
2. In Pursuit of a Bluestocking (Marie and Gordon) - Published October 2017
3. The Heart of a Bluestocking (Claire and Ravi) - Coming in 2018
4. The Bluestocking's Companion (Betsy and Fergus) - TBA
5. The Honorary Bluestocking (Thea and TBA) - TBA
6. Definitely Not a Bluestocking (Sanjay and Wilberforce) - TBA
7. The Bluestocking's Legacy (Alex and Yu-jin) - Short Story.

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