Here are some of my favourite romance books. They are not in any particular order. I will keep adding to this list over time, as I discover new authors. 
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Sweet Talkin' Lover: A Girls Trip Novel
by Tracey Livesay

Small town USA romance. He's the mayor, she's been sent to shut down the main source of employment.

The Worst Best Man: A Novel
by Mia Sosa

When you need to work with your ex-fiance's brother to get the job you want...

Pink Slip (The Spies Who Loved Her Book 1)
by Katrina Jackson

"If James Bond had a wife and they both wanted to shag the receptionist."

Along for the Ride
by Mimi Grace

A road trip romance in two parts: the road trip, and the longer journey to HEA.

Syncopation (Twisted Wishes Book 1)
by Anna Zabo

If you love enemies to lovers and MUSIC, you'll adore this book (and the whole series).

Most Ardently
by Susan Mesler-Evans

Lesbian contemporary re-telling of Pride and Prejudice

Teach Me (There's Something About Marysburg Book 1)
by Olivia Dade

Slow burn with so much kindness. Older main characters, one with teenage daughter.

A Sinful Little Christmas: A Hot Holiday Romance (Sin City Brotherhood Book 5)
by J Margot Critch

Alana's story, aka the one I'd been waiting for in this series. She gets the best hero.

London Celebrities Collection: An Anthology
by Lucy Parker

London Theatre set series. I can't pick a favourite, they're all great!

Get a Life, Chloe Brown: A Novel (The Brown Sisters)
by Talia Hibbert

Funny, beautiful, poignant... Basically, all the feelings.

A Little Light Mischief: A Turner Novella
by Cat Sebastian

Historical lesbian romance with a touch of crime. Much more fun than the description!

The Ultimate Pi Day Party (Baldwin Village Book 1)
by Jackie Lau

Fun contemporary that is diverse and interesting with tons of excellent food.

Long Shot: A HOOPS Novel: Hoops Series, Book 1
by Kennedy Ryan

Basketball with a side of emotional mess. TW: domestic abuse (not the hero)

Slow Simmer (Island Escapes Book 4)
by Caitlyn Lynch

Two chefs. Second chance romance. Lots of food in an Aussie setting.

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics
by Olivia Waite

Historical ff romance with a science twist. Yes, please!

American Dreamer (Dreamers)
by Adriana Herrera

A food truck, a librarian, and sweet messy romance.

Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel
by Casey McQuiston

Near-future YA romance between the President's son and a UK Prince.

Zed: An Opposites-Attract Tattoo Romance (Rough Ink Book 1)
by MV Ellis

This book is emotional, full of heat and drama, and psychology. Lawyer meets tattoo artist.

Hither Page (Page & Sommers Book 1)
by Cat Sebastian

Post WW2 cosy mystery and romance.

<Soft on Soft
by Mina Waleed

This book is like a warm blanket and a bowl of soup on a cold day. It's comforting, kind, and beautiful. Very low heat level.

No Two Ways: (an F/F Romance) (Unboxed Book 1)
by Chi Yu Rodiguez

#romanceclass delivers again. Bisexual heroine, game show dramas

Mr. One-Night Stand
by Rachael Stewart

How to mix business with pleasure when both hero and heroine have equal power in business.

Counting on a Countess: The London Underground
by Eva Leigh

Crazy sauce set up where heroine controls hero's fortune. Smugglers and other fun stuff

Fire on the Ice: Snow & Ice Games
by Tamsen Parker

A masterclass in writing character development during lots of sex. Super hot lesbian romance, and ice skating.

Proper English
by KJ Charles

Murder at a house party and a slow burn lesbian romance.

Revolutionary Hearts (Crimson Romance)
by Pema Donyo

Set in India in the 1920s, this book is a long chase scene with a HEA.

The Tycoon's Socialite Bride (In Love with a Tycoon series Book 1)
by Tracey Livesay

If you need a series to binge read, and love marriage of convenience in a contemporary setting, you'll love this book and the next one in the series.

The Lawyer's Luck: A Home to Milford College prequel novella
by Piper Huguley

A lovely novella set in 1844 USA that deals with the intricacies of slavery and ownership and loans, while also being uplifting and providing hope.

Untamed (Hotel Temptation)
by Caitlin Crews

A prickly heroine who knows her own strengths and isn't afraid to use her body and brain to get what she wants. And she gets everything she wants and more.

Sweet Disorder (Lively St. Lemeston Book 1)
by Rose Lerner

A small town regency series with diverse characters (which is historically accurate unlike other regency books). Great banter, and a fascinating series. Read them all, start here.

Mrs. Martin's Incomparable Adventure (The Worth Saga)
by Courtney Milan 

A fun lesbian romp featuring two elderly ladies who bring down a terrible man, with a side dish of poignant moments that tug at the heart strings.

The Love Experiment (Stubborn Hearts Book 1)
by Ainslie Paton

Clever premise and done with much charm. Can 36 questions makes you fall in love?

An Unconditional Freedom (The Loyal League)
by Alyssa Cole

Rich, emotional, full of history, poignant. This book is a wonderful conclusion to the Loyal League series.

The Desert Nurse: A grand love story set in a far-flung theatre of war
by Pamela Hart

Doctor/nurse romance in a war zone (set WWI in Egypt and Beersheba) with bonus 'has to be a nurse because isn't allowed to be a doctor'.

Burning Fields
by Alli Sinclair

A strong romance set in Australia after WWII and how everyone had to adjust back into life after horror.

From Duke Till Dawn: The London Underground
by Eva Leigh

A Duke who cares about his job and a grifter heroine who is charming and amusing, and it's delightful to see the very proper Duke fall for her.

Band Sinister
by KJ Charles

The innocent country gentleman loses his heart (and his virginity) to the bastard baronet...

On the Ice (Stick Side Book 1)
by Amy Aislin

Hockey with low burn emotional growth between the two heroes.

Tikka Chance on Me
by Suleikha Snyder

This is the biker romance everyone needs. I love the twist on the classic bad boy story, and the rich details combine with a super hot emotional tale, to make this a keeper.

Roller Girl (Lake Lovelace Book 3)
by Vanessa North

Retired pro-wakeboarder joins a roller derby team and finds love.

My Beautiful Enemy (Heart of Blade Book 2)
by Sherry Thomas

Heroine with knife skills, angst and drama, and a global setting with richly crafted details.

When Dimple Met Rishi
by Sandhya Menon

YA romance. Arranged marriage where the hero is keen, and the heroine is not.

RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny (Loose Ends Book 1)
by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Doctor heroine needs a nanny for her kids. Rafe is big, tattooed, and kind-hearted.

Echo Springs: Four Stories set in Australia
by Leisl Leighton, Daniel de Lorne, TJ Hamilton, Shannon Curtis

Dangerous Echoes (Echo Springs Book 1)
Embers And Echoes (Echo Springs Book 2)
Echoes Of The Past (Echo Springs Book 3)
Hope Echoes (Echo Springs Book 4)

Four romances with a mystery/suspense story arc across all four.

Off Limits (Rose and Thorns)
by Vanessa North

Deals with the social class difference between heroine and heroine really well.

The Kiss Quotient
by Helen Hoang

Prickly heroine asks male sex worker to teach her how to have sex.

A Taste of Pleasure (Deliciously Dechamps Book 2)
by Chloe Blake

Full of emotion. Chef heroine and solo dad hero.

Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy)
by Kevin Kwan

Hilarious Cinderella story with rich details. The food made me crave Yum Cha!

A Girl Like Her: A Small Town Romance (Ravenswood Book 1)
by Talia Hibbert

Gorgeous contemporary romance with autistic heroine and delightfully nice hero.

Duchess by Design: The Gilded Age Girls Club
by Maya Rodale

Mistaken identity leads to cross class romance. The way the heroine scolds the hero for his wealthy privilege is everything!

Beginner's Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions (Talking Nerdy Book 1)
by Six de los Reyes

Anti-social scientific heroine designs a study to find herself a boyfriend, and finds love is illogical.

The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels)
by Kerrigan Byrne

A dark romance set in early Victorian times, with a long lost childhood friends trope.

A Princess in Theory: Reluctant Royals
by Alyssa Cole

Scientific heroine gets sent spam emails from a prince. He gets annoyed at her lack of response and comes to meet her.

Peter Darling
by Austin Chant

Re-imagining of Peter Pan with queer characters. Delightful, surprising, beautiful.

by Victoria Purman

Heroine is older than hero. Small town, gentle romance, of learning to love after being hurt.

Dukes Are Forever (The Secret Life of Scoundrels Book 1)
by Anna Harrington

A Duke set on revenge. A heroine determined to keep her home. A nasty father who gets what he deserves.

Moonlight Kisses (Espresso Empire)
by Phyllis Bourne

Female entrepreneur of a lipstick empire meets a rival business owner. The emotional tug between the hero and heroine and the conflict made this a 'read in one sitting' book.

Long Game (Women of W.A.R.)
by Catherine Evans

Female athlete, country girl goes to the city, and stays with her brother's best mate. If you like friends to lovers, without much heat, you'll love this.

Pleasure Games
by Daire St. Denis

A French winemaking hero meets a recently dumped heroine who decides she deserves some fun.

Under His Kilt (Under The Kilt) (Volume 1)
by Melissa Blue

Contemporary swoon-worthy romance set in a museum. 

Sweet Thing
by Nicola Marsh

A flirty, hot book from the DARE line. I loved how the hero, Tanner, was vulnerable under his stereotyped exterior.

Commitment (Temptation Standalones Book 2)
by KM Golland

Love rekindled. What happens 13 years after the HEA? Can distance in a marriage be fixed?

Off Limits
by Clare Connelly

A powerful book to launch Mills & Boon's new DARE line. The hottest work place romance I've ever read.

The Naturalist's Daughter
by Tea Cooper

A fictional telling of the discovery of the platypus. Two women, 100 years apart, a journey of discovery, and a sweet romance.

A Week to be Wild
by JC Harroway

If a book could sum up the Mills & Boon Dare concept, this would be it. Alex, the billionaire with a heart of gold, and Libby the marketing genius. A clash of wills, and a high-stakes gamble.

A Bollywood Affair
by Sonali Dev

An emotional tale of misunderstandings and cultural divides, as two people navigate tradition versus modernity in India (and America).

The Hating Game: A Novel
by Sally Thorne

A classic enemies to lover trope, this book is character driven and emotional. I found it easy to ignore the improbable org chart at their place of employment as I got drawn into the battle of wills.

The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke
by Tessa Dare

She demands payment. He demands a wedding. The demands continue until he falls deeply in love.

Seared (Master Chefs Book 1)
by Suleikha Snyder

Not many writers can pull off a steamy step-sibling book. This is a rare example of it 'well done' (because I can't avoid a food pun for a chef book).

By The Currawong's Call
by Welton B. Marsland

Australian historical m/m book with evocative writing, great pub yarns, and an ending that fits the current Australian landscape.

Flowers from the Storm
by Laura Kinsale

Keep reading past the first chapter. It gets better. Until it's amazing. The hero suffers a stroke, and the heroine is the only one who can reach him. Fascinating and intense.

Hamilton's Battalion: A Trio of Romances
by Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole

Based on the popular Broadway show, this trio of romances is perfect. Rose Lerner's story of a woman who fights as a soldier is a gorgeous own voices Jewish tale. Courtney Milan's story of two unlikely lovers made me laugh and cry. Alyssa Cole's f/f tale is simply delightful. 

The Forbidden Rose (The Spymaster Series)
by Joanna Bourne

A detailed description of love, spying, and the French Revolution. 

Take the Lead: A Dance Off Novel
By Alexis Daria

A super hot, fun romance based around a reality TV show. An excellent debut novel.

Once a Soldier (Rogues Redeemed)
by Mary Jo Putney

Set in Europe in 1814, this novel has a fiesty heroine (my favourite type) who runs a small Duchy. She meets a soldier. Drama and love occur.

Asking for It
by Lilah Pace

I never thought I'd recommend a rape fantasy book. The concept is distasteful. And then, there is this book. It confronts rape fantasy and discusses it all.
"The harm is when the lines between reality and fantasy get blurred."

Mr. Impossible (Carsington Family Series Book 2)
by Loretta Chase

One of the romance classics. Set in Egypt with mystery and an impossible swoon-worthy hero. Together they have to solve a mystery - "she'll provide the brains, he, the brawn."

The Sword Dancer (Rebels and Lovers)
by Jeannie Lin

Set in the Tang Dynasty China in AD 848, the heroine is chased by a thief catcher. Mysteries are solved, and love is in the air. 

An Extraordinary Union (The Loyal League)
By Alyssa Cole

This book should be taught in schools. It manages to take an awful piece of USA history, and craft a real, vibrant love story from it, without preaching. The sequel A Hope Divided (The Loyal League) is eagerly awaited.

Trust Me (The Holmes Brothers)
By Farrah Rochon

For people wanting an enemies to lovers romance featuring older characters who find love.

Close Enough to Touch: A Romance Novel (Jackson Hole)
By Victoria Dahl

The first book in the Jackson Hole series. A wild city girl meets a cowboy who is recovering from a nasty injury. 

Forever Your Earl: The Wicked Quills of London
By Eva Leigh

The first book in The Wicked Quills of London series. If you like gossip, historical women who work for a living, heroines in pants, and great banter, this is the book for you. Oh, and there is a bonus mystery. 

Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels, Explained
By Maya Rodale

I recommend this book to anyone who wants an overview of the romance genre. The history, the reputation, the readers. It’s all in here.

The Duchess War (The Brothers Sinister) (Volume 1)
By Courtney Milan

The first book in my all-time favourite romance series. Read the whole series. Start here. This book is clever, serious, funny, sexy. It’s everything. Which is my favourite one in the series? I can’t pick. I love them all. Start with Minerva.

Let It Shine
By Alyssa Cole

Set in 1960s America, this is a cross-cultural romance set in a difficult time in America's history. It's emotional, gorgeous, and includes a beautiful epilogue that shows the characters love for each other enduring over time. Not just a happy-ever-after; but one that extends. 

Bet Me
By Jennifer Crusie

If you love contemporary romance with heroines who aren't perfectly beautiful, and if you love hilarious banter, this is the book for you.
Also by Jennifer Crusie is: Agnes and the Hitman - a complete crazy sauce plot that you'll either love or hate. 

A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai (2015-08-10)
By Alisha Rai

A fun, erotic take on the billionaire trope with a twist. She is the billionaire. She's also exciting, brave, a bit messed up, complex. He's a writer. They have a complicated history thanks to their parent’s multiple marriages. I enjoyed the way this book took a trope, changed it up and owned it.

Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove)
By Tessa Dare

By far the best book in the Spindle Cove series, Any Duchess will Do follows the maid, Pauline Simms. I love this part. “Whatever they give you. Don’t squander it. All bread goes straight in your belly, and all the learning you can gather goes here. … Stash it away. Because once it’s in you, it’s yours. No one can take it from you.”

The Winter Bride (Chance Sisters)
By Anne Gracie

Damaris is my favourite character in this series: The Chance Sisters. She’s pragmatic. She takes on a fake romance in return for her own cottage. She wants her independence and if she must pretend to get it, she will.

For Real
By Alexis Hall

An emotional, erotic tale that crosses age differences and BDSM expectations. I enjoyed the way the sexual play opposed the emotional power of each character. And how they find a way to grow together.

Daughters of a Nation: A Black Suffragette Historical Romance Anthology

Most anthologies have a mix of quality. Not this one. Every story in here is beautifully written. If you like suffragettes, hard working women, interesting characters and real history; you will love this.
Kianna Alexander: A Radiant Soul
Alyssa Cole: Let Us Dream
Piper Huguley: The Washerwoman's War
Lena Hart: In the Morning Sun (Hearts at War Book 2)

A Tale of Two Lovers (The Writing Girls)
By Maya Rodale

The Writing Girls series hits all my buttons. Four women who work for an income. History. Rakes with a sense of honour and humour. I especially like this one, because Julianna is never helpless. She’s strong and sassy. Plus the boxing scene.

Bollywood and the Beast (Bollywood Confidential)
By Suleikha Snyder

This romance has the best final line I've read. An intriguing tale of an actress who meets an injured man, with brilliant secondary characters woven in, to create a hot story of bravery.

By Beverly Jenkins

Set in the Old West of the USA in 1865, this is a delightful tale of defiance and love in a difficult world. If you want something non-Regency that will challenge and delight you, I heartily recommend this.

Married by Morning (Hathaways, Book 4)
By Lisa Kleypas

The Hathaway family. How I adore you. This is my favourite in the series, although the last one comes a close second. But please start at the beginning. Read them all. The banter between governess Catherine Marks and Lord Ramsey is brilliant.

Mastered By Love (Bastion Club)
By Stephanie Laurens

The final in the Bastion Club series. Most of the heroines in this series are strong and unusual for their time. The last one is my favourite because the hero, who was so mysterious and perfect all the way through, suddenly is not perfect. And the heroine is feisty and holds her own against him.

Savor the Moment (Bride Quartet)
By Nora Roberts

This is the third in the Bride Quartet series. A recommendation list doesn't seem complete without something from 'Queen Nora'; and this series is on my keep shelf. It's hard to pick a favourite; however, the heroine in this one really resonated with me personally.

The Rogue Not Taken: Scandal & Scoundrel, Book I
By Sarah MacLean

I love a pants wearing historical heroine. She makes a stand against society, and hitches a ride with an unlikely bloke. This story highlights the perceived role of women in society, and how gossip (and fashion magazines) alters appearances. The idea for this page of ‘recommended’ books was inspired by Sarah MacLean’s website.