Gamble Racing

Coming Soon

Gamble Racing - This is an mm series set in the world of motorsport. Due to copyright issues, it is based on the very famous open-wheel single-seater car racing championship but with a new name: Series One aka S1.

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0. Gamble Racing: The Origins - Socrates and Mike

1. Driven to Distraction - Ondrej and Hudson. Buy Link

2. Driven by Passion - Lucien and Victor

3. TBA - Jaxxon and Freddie

4. Driven to Protect - Paulo and Cohen. Part 1 with HFN in Guarded Hearts anthology. Full book with HEA coming later.

The map, below, was designed by Renée Dahlia's son and is the test track at Socrates' estate.

Hand drawn map of Socrates' test track by Renee Dahlia's son.