Seraph’s Burlesque Club

Welcome to Seraph's Burlesque Club.

This series consists of three lesbian romances is set in a burlesque club in London. If you love to read about a found family with queer people who thrive, this series has that and more.

Located in London, the club headlines queer performers including Yolande (Show Up), and the club's MC Charlie (Show Off). The club is owned by Beth Zendeli (Show Queen).

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Reading Order:

  1. Show Up - Reiko and Yolande (ff): BUY LINK
  2. Show Off - Charlie and Elle (ff): BUY LINK
  3. Show Queen - Beth and Liz (ff): BUY LINK
  4. Show Time - Dan and Ben (mm): BUY LINK
  5. Show Dance - Ace and Jack (mm): BUY LINK

Content Warnings

This series is set in a post-COVID London where everyone is vaccinated. There will be some references to the pandemic.

Show Up: references to a character’s mother dying in a car crash prior to the book, and a minor discussion of racism.
Show Off: references to a character having long covid, parental fat shaming of a main character, parental manipulation, and a broken arm.
Show Queen: includes a car crash death (not on page) and one character who became an amputee in the same crash. There is discussion around the death of a parent.
Show Time: discussions around sex work and the impact of a homophobic family (off page).
Show Dance: