Interview: SM Spencer

SM Spencer writes sweet Australian rural romance (Copperhead Creek Romance) & YA paranormal romance (Absent Shadows Trilogy).

Your new book, A Chance to Get it Right (Copperhead Creek – Australian Romance Book 2) is out now. What was the inspiration for the story?
Book two in my Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series, A Chance to Get it Right, will be free on 22nd-26th November in the US (so it’s 23rd-27th November here in Australia give or take a few hours). All the books in the series are set in a fictional town called Willows, located within the Golden Triangle in Victoria. The inspiration for the series comes from my childhood dream of living on property (with lots of animals) in or near a small town, with the man of my dreams and horses. Always horses. This particular book, A Chance to Get it Right, deals with a woman who (to casual observers) has it all: she’s pretty, has a good job/career, and is dating a man who is attentive, wealthy and handsome. But something is missing … something feels incomplete … and when she heads to the sleepy rural town of Willows she begins to understand what the missing “something” is.

What project are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a murder mystery set in the same fictional town as the Copperhead Creek romances.. Although it will have romantic elements, it will essentially be a mystery. I’m having so much fun writing it, drip feeding the clues. I hope to have it out in the first quarter next year.

If you had a pet, which book character would I name it after?
You must mean if I got ANOTHER pet . I have four cats, a dog & three horses. The dog & horses already had names so I didn’t change them. One of the cats is Buffy, after Buffy the Vampire Slayer … and I have 3 ginger cats and in thinking about it one of them should be Ron, as in Ron Weasley!! Ah well, maybe the next ginger cat can be Ron.

What is your favourite under-appreciated novel?
Wow, this is such a hard question as each time I read a really good book it becomes my favourite for a while until the next one comes along. But one that really surprised me was Flank Street: In The Sydney Underworld (Volume 2), by A. J. Sendall. Set in Sydney’s Kings Cross, this book was full of mystery, intrigue and romance, and was narrated by the most likeable thug I’ve ever come across.

How do you select character names?
Some characters seem to name themselves, some are derived from names of relatives or friends, and sometimes I go to lists of top names for the year my character would have been born.

About: A Chance to Get it Right (Copperhead Creek – Australian Romance Book 2)
Katrina Jacobs knows something is missing from her life–even though most would say she has it all. But when she pays a visit to her sister in the sleepy rural town of Willows, she discovers what’s been missing.
Richard Jensen has the looks, the money and the career–now all he needs is the perfect wife. He’s convinced Katrina’s the one; he just needs to make it happen.
Terry Winters doesn’t mind the whispers going on in town–after all, he moved to Willows for his horses, and they don’t listen to rumours.
As Katrina grows fond of Willows, she finds herself caught in a battle between substance and form, learning that having it all isn’t the same as getting it right.
But is it just the town she’s enamoured with?

Buy it here:
A Chance to Get it Right (Copperhead Creek – Australian Romance Book 2) (Amazon USA affliated link)
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  1. S M Spencer says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet your readers, Renee. I’ve enjoyed getting to “know” you and other authors on your lovely site.

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