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Kari Lemor started reading romance early in life, and now gets to write the types of stories she loves to read. Her books have been described as fun and flirtatious, and are full of mystery, intrigue, sexual chemistry and great friendships. Kari lives in New England, USA, and dreams about romance, warm weather, and the ocean.

Your new book, Fatal Evidence (Love on the Line) comes out December 5. What was the inspiration for the story?
Heather and Scott were secondary characters in the previous book, Running Target (Love on the Line). Scott’s cousin, Jack, was on the run from a mob boss. Heather’s best friend, Callie, had a hidden affair with Jack and got pregnant with his child. Scott pretends to date Heather so he can keep an eye on Jack’s son and help Callie out when needed. While Jack and Callie’s story was fairly angsty and bittersweet, Scott and Heather lightened things up and had great chemistry. They definitely needed their own story.
Knowing that Scott ran a construction company, I used an old television show from the 80’s and borrowed an idea. In one of the episodes the main character was redoing an old nightclub when people started trying to kill him. I tweaked that idea and had Scott and Heather buy an old mill building together…and accidents start to happen. Someone doesn’t want them in there.

What project are you currently working on?
My favorite place in the world (well of all the places I’ve been to – which aren’t many) is Bar Harbor, Maine. My family goes here every year. This year on my 30th wedding anniversary, my husband and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. In chatting with the innkeeper and discussing my writing, she suggested I write a book based in Bar Harbor. Years before she had worked for the police dispatch and mentioned a killing that had happened on the island. Of course I figured at some point I would use the place as a setting but her suggestion got me thinking. On the five-hour drive home, I plotted out three new stories based on the Rangers of Acadia. This series will be contemporary romance with light suspense.

What is the nicest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?
I’m not sure this is the nicest thing anyone ever said, but it kind of meant the most. The audience for my books are typically women. So when this man, and according to his picture, he looked maybe 60ish, balding, and a little heavy, gave me a good review I was thrilled. Here’s what he said:
“Okay, this not my normal read. I know most would consider this a slushy romance, and so it is. It is also a decent undercover FBI crime novel. While the romance gets steamy, it’s no worse than many spy novels I have read. The story is well paced and reads quickly. It was a fun diversion from my spy thrillers and rocket ships.”
I love that I managed to go outside my typical readership and still have someone enjoy the book!

Other than books, what is one item you can’t resist buying?
Candles – I have them everywhere in my house. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and especially my office. I love having pleasant scents around me and love when a candle has been burning in a room and smells good. It’s so relaxing. My favorites are mostly floral, fruity or fresh scents. I don’t like food ones though, like cookies or vanilla or frosting. I just finished burning one and absolutely love it. Yankee Candles – Honey Blossom – I got it at Christmas Tree Shop on sale and have been trying to find it again. But everywhere it’s so danged expensive!

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
Conferences – without a doubt. When I first started going to conferences, I made sure to attend every single workshop I could get to during every time frame. I needed to learn my craft and find out the best way to get my author brand, or market my books etc. But now one of the things I love best is connecting to other authors. I love being able to finally meet people I have only known over the internet, on Facebook or other social media. I love spending time with people who totally get what’s in my mind, people who understand the voices in my head and why I must write. That’s priceless!

About: Fatal Evidence (Love on the Line)
What you don’t know can get you killed . . .
Construction company owner Scott Holland doesn’t go looking for trouble, but he’s just stumbled on plenty. The rundown mill he’s bought is plagued with mysterious incidents, and his investment partner, heiress Heather Silva, is as stubborn as she is intriguing. Dumped by his ex because of his blue-collar job, Scott is wary of Heather’s privileged background. Yet he’s drawn to her independence and strength, especially as the “accidents” grow more terrifying.
Determined to succeed without anyone’s help—especially her wealthy parents—Heather clashes with Scott again and again. But a grisly discovery makes them both targets. Someone wants Heather and Scott silenced for good. And as a killer closes in, the only option is to trust each other—or become the next victims…

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