Interview: Delilah Night

Delilah Night is a queer author who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her characters range from parents trying to reconnect post-kids to shape shifting reindeer to photographers to a would-be pirate lass. Pick up any of her bedtime stories for a solid plot and sweet or spicy romance.

Your 2nd book, Comet’s First Christmas (The North Pole Chronicles Book 1), came out on October 20th, What was the inspiration for the story?
Comet actually began life as a erotic short story that has somehow turned into the fluffiest sweet romance I’ve ever written. I blame 2020—I wrote the gentle book that I needed in this bruising year.
Comet—well, Claudia (the reindeer names you know are titles)—came to me when I was musing over the “job” of a reindeer, and just what would happen if a team member couldn’t fly. Hence a pregnancy that grounds one of the reindeer on December first. So the question of what would it be like to get tapped for your dream job with only three weeks to prepare appealed to me, as did adding a mystery she’d have to solve with her Personal Assistant/love interest Jillian.

What is your favourite one-liner from your book, and why?
I realized I was (a) staring and (b) had a mouth full of hay.
It makes me laugh every time. This is when Rudolph comes to her home to ask her to be Comet for Christmas Eve, and Claudia is so thrown by Rudolph’s appearance that she just freezes. Then she bravely steps up and takes the job. That’s who Claudia is—something might throw her, but she persists in the face of everything.

If you had a pet, which book character would you name it after and why?
I’d name my cat Zen (Blitzen hates being called Persephone) because Zen is probably my favorite side character and I can’t wait to write her book. Zen is the tech genius who thought Star Trek transporters were so cool that she went ahead and made one. She’s the one who automated The List into the Naughty or Nice database into what they all the N-o-N. She’s also sarcastic, thinks everyone is enjoying Christmas at a 14 and she tops out around 8, and is nerdy as hell.

Do you ever dream about the stories you’re writing?
Sometimes. I don’t think with this one, though.

If you had an entire week to do whatever you wanted, with no consequences, what would you do?
If it were without consequence, the first thing I’d do is go see my in-laws. They’re in their 70’s and live on the other side of the country. We haven’t go so long without seeing them…we typically see them twice a year. I worry a lot about them, especially with Covid. See my friends, too.
I’d probably break into whoever oversees college debt’s office and zero out everyone’s debt.
I’d also break into Jeff Bezos’s bank account and transfer at least a million into every Amazon employee’s pocket.

Comet’s First Christmas (The North Pole Chronicles Book 1) Blurb

A bad Santa is turning believers faster than melting snow. Can the mystery be solved in time for Christmas?

I’ve dreamed of this day for years, and now it’s reality. I’ve been called up for the Big Show. Official Pole phone and email, Naughty-or-Nice login, and upgraded I.D. with my new job title—Comet. In three weeks, I’ll be part of the team flying Santa around the world.

In an instant my life goes from peaceful, if boring, to a blizzard of last-minute flight preparations, route planning, and anxiety-triggering stress.

The moment I meet my P.A., Jillian, her beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes are an oasis of calm. But I’ve barely got enough time to wonder if her plump lips taste as sugarplum sweet as they look. Disturbing news has popped up on Santa’s radar.

Someone is turning Santa’s most fervent believers into non-believers overnight. If we can’t find and stop this hacker, there won’t be enough reindeer cutout cookies and hot chocolate in the world to restore balance to Santa’s Naughty-or-Nice list in time for Christmas Eve.

Note to reader: What sweet Christmas romance would be complete without reindeer, The Nutcracker, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and New York pizza?

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