Interview: Bree Verity

Bree Verity is a Perth, Australia, based romance author who writes eclectic stories ranging from adventure based historical romances, time-travel with a touch of sci-fi, and contemporary romances featuring normal people. “No sheikhs, billionaires or princes.” She promises her readers fantasy and adventure with a touch of romance.

Your new book, The Scandalous Widow (Revolution and Regency Book 4), comes out on the 19th March. What was the inspiration for the story?
Lady Juliet Hampshire, the heroine of The Scandalous Widow, has been in the previous two books of my Revolution and Regency series. I knew she needed a happily ever after, and several of my readers had asked for it, but she is such a strong-willed lady, it took a while to develop a story that she could shine in. The Revolution and Regency series takes place on both sides of the English Channel over a ten year period. I’ve been researching the period (1789 to 1799) for decades – a deep and abiding love of the Scarlet Pimpernel led me to look into the French Revolution from it’s earliest moments up until the rise of Napoleon. When I have another spare twenty years, I’ll look at Napoleon’s time 🙂 Anyway, Lady Juliet needed an adventure, not just a drawing room romance. So I thought, why not throw her into than revolutionary Paris. And with a grumpy, snobby companion? And pretending to be a commoner? And her adventure was born.

What project are you currently working on?
Oh my goodness, I am so totally excited over my current project!! I’ve decided to branch out into fantasy, so I’m writing a series of historical romances with a fairy godmother. Her name is Fenella, and these are her first Happily Ever Afters, so she is trying hard to make them the best ever. If only her girls would pay attention and do what they were told!!
Romance is already magical, but you can never have too much magic, right?
The first book is Lady Caroline’s Charm, and I’m planning for a June release of that one. Keep your eyes peeled!

Which 5 people would you invite to a dinner party and why?
First of all, it would be my partner. Because if I had a dinner party and didn’t invite him, he would be a misery to live with. Besides, he makes me laugh.
Second, Albert Einstein. Because he seems to have been a really, really smart guy, but with a wicked sense of humor.
Third, Oscar Wilde. I adore his writings, and his life was so fascinating. I’m sure I could listen to him talk for hours.
Fourth, Mr Darcy, the Colin Firth variety. Purely so I could look at him and sigh at appropriate intervals.
And fifth, P!nk. She is a badass, and I think we would be friends…

Other than books, what is one item you can’t resist buying?
Stationery. I’m a sucker for a clean piece of paper. My partner and son have gotten used to pulling me through the stationery aisle at Coles, otherwise I will stop and buy a new pen or a new notebook or sticky notes or paper clips. I can lose an entire day at Officeworks. And it’s only gotten worse since places like Typo have been invented. Sigh! But it’s a habit I never plan to give up. More paper and pens means more writing!

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
It was buying Libby Hawker’s book Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing: Revised Edition. I’ve always been a plotter, but Libby talks about outlining instead of plotting, a completely different approach. It changed the way I look at how characters develop and how the story is built around the characters progression. I’m still a plotter, and I have my own method of plotting that draws from a dozen different things I’ve read, but I always seem to come back to Libby’s book when things aren’t gelling, nail down the outline details, and then I can see where the plot issues lie. Definitely recommended.

About The Scandalous Widow (Revolution and Regency Book 4)
Adventure, intrigue and romance combine in this sparkling tale of espionage and rescue.
Young widow Lady Juliet Hampshire jumps at the chance to be involved in a spy mission into France – she will do anything to avoid having to think about her dwindling finances and the necessity of catching a wealthy husband. It is just a shame that her traveling companion is to be the stuffy, snobby Lord Alistair Chisholm. But there is more to the wounded Lord Chisholm than Juliet can see.
Alistair has been chasing redemption for years, ever since he accidentally killed his older brother in a drunken brawl. Now the heir to his father’s Marquessate, he should be staying at home, finding a wife and siring children, but he can’t rest until he atones for his grievous sin. And as an experienced spy, he can’t understand why the untried, scandalous Lady Hampshire is involved in his mission.
Thrown together and required to work closely, they quickly realize their first impressions of each other are mistaken, and passion flares.
But when they fall in love, can they overcome injury, capture and the deepest of betrayal in order to claim their happily ever after?

Buy the series (using Amazon affliated links).
1. The Hidden Duchess (Revolution and Regency)
2. The Unwilling Smuggler (Revolution and Regency Book 2)
3. The Ruined Lady (Revolution and Regency)
4. The Scandalous Widow (Revolution and Regency Book 4).

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