#RomBkLove: For Beginners

The prompt for #RomBkLove today is: Romance for Beginners (What books would you recommend to someone for their first romance read?)

One of the biggest sellers in the romance genre in the last few years is Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, Book 1). It’s so big that we could discuss it’s impact as a ‘gateway’ book for new romance readers. That’s a whole other post, and one better suited to romance genre academics than me. If you’ve read FSoG and want something along those lines (but with better consent), why not try:

Once a year, Nicholas and Livvy hook up (and it’s hot!). Their families were torn apart by a feud, and their romance will start the process of stitching it back together. The spanking scene is *fans face*, and you’ll want the whole series.

If you want a BDSM book that deals with consent and age difference, and is amazingly beautiful as well as very hot, try Alexis Hall’s For Real. In fact, read all his books!

For readers who thought FSoG was too steamy, why not go to the other end of the heat scale and try a closed door romance? I’d recommend:

Therese Beharrie consistently delivers emotional reads that will make you cry and laugh in the very best way.

Annie Seaton’s Whitsunday Dawn is a dual timeline contemporary and historical with an excellent romance at the core. If you want to relax on an Australian beach in the sun, this book is for you.

For those who want something in the middle of the heat range, my current go-to recommendation (as is most other romance readers, judging by #RomBkLove) is Talia Hibbert. Her books are lovely small town contemporary romances with wonderful casts and full of tropes. Start with this one!

If you love a bit of history with your romance, you’d have to start with one of the classics of the genre. Spindle Cove.

Any Duchess Will Do is my favourite from Tessa Dare’s famous Spindle Cove series, although A Week to Be Wicked (spindle cove Book 2) is a very close second!

The other historical series I recommend to everyone is Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister – it’s set in the mid Victorian era, there are scientist heroines, a chess champion, discussions of social and feminist issues, a virgin hero, and so many perfect romance moments.

That should keep you going for a while, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my current favourite author Alyssa Cole. Her historicals are outstanding, and her contemporaries are lush and will make you happy sigh! Why not try:


If that isn’t enough books for you, check out all my recommendations on my Recommendations page. And you can find my own books here sorted by heat rating.


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