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Books by Renée Dahlia

Contemporary Series: Kapow!

  1. Out of Her League (fm with bisexual characters)
  2. His Buxom Beauty (fm)
  3. Craving His Spotlight (mm)
  4. Her Pregnant Rival (ff)

Contemporary Series: Merindah Park

  1. Merindah Park (fm)
  2. Making Her Mark (fm with bisexual heroine)
  3. Two Hearts Healing (fm)
  4. Racetrack Royalty (fm)

Contemporary Series:
Farrellton Foster Family

  1. Betrayed (fm)
  2. Forbidden (fm with bisexual characters)
  3. Liability (ff)

 Contemporary Series: Rainbow Cove

  1. His Christmas Pearl (fm)
  2. His Christmas Pride (mm)

Contemporary Series: Margaret River TV Boxed Set

  1. Homage (fm with bisexual heroine)
  2. Uplift (ff with bisexual heroines)

Historical Series: Great War

  1. Her Lady’s Honor (ff)
  2. Her Lady’s Melody (ff)
  3. Her Lady’s Fortune (ff)
  4. His Lord’s Soldier (mm)

Historical Series:

Prequel: The Shipwrecked Earl’s Bride (fm with bisexual hero)

  1. To Charm a Bluestocking (fm with bisexual hero)
  2. In Pursuit of a Bluestocking (fm)
  3. The Heart of a Bluestocking (fm)





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