Interview: Fiona Miers

Fiona Miers leads a super busy life, including running her own business while also fashioning out time to write her true love – romance. Her books are guaranteed to make you smile.

Your new book, Hannah’s Duke: Regency Sexy Romance (The heir and a spare Book 4), is out now. What was the inspiration for the story?

It’s the fourth in the series so I’ve been building up Lord John for a long time. He is dark, and sexy and a little cynical. So a robust American woman seemed perfect for him. My inspiration for the series came about over eight years ago when I read nothing but Eloisa James, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia Quinn.

Do you ever dream about the stories you’re writing?

No, unfortunately. That would be awesome.

Which author would you most like to meet?

Sabrina Jeffries is by far my most favourite Regency author, although our lovely Melbourne based Stephanie Laurens would be incredible too.

What is your favourite one-liner from your book, and why?

That’s a hard one- but this always rings true for me. From Hannah to Lord John – “I don’t appreciate false compliments and I don’t like charming dandies. So, I suggest you get used to a woman in trousers and I will see you at dinner.”

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Hannah is just beautiful, and so atypical of the London ton women. She rides horses in pants, she drinks whiskey and she has no problem telling everyone around her what she thinks and how she feels. Hannah for me is authentic, real, and truly lovely. She’s perfect for John, who has gotten more bitter over time. He needs a strong kick up the pants and a breath of fresh air, which is what Hannah is for him.

About Hannah’s Duke:

A cold-hearted Duke meets his match in an American lady searching for love across the pond.

Hannah Turner is an American lady, sent back to London by her father, to find a decent husband. Her father’s distant cousin was the Marquees of Hunting, so when Hannah searches for a place within the ton, she lives with Lord Archibald Turner, her second cousin and his wife, the new Countess of Tother.

At Charlotte and Archie’s summer house, she meets Lord John Dunford, a famous rakehell and rather handsome gentleman. He is lust and temptation incarnate. Hannah had always promised herself she would wait until marriage, but would learning the arts of the bedroom be such a bad thing?

Lord John swore off marriage as a child. His father’s terrible union, and the devastation his mother expressed knowing his father was in love with his mistress, put him off love and commitment. But when he meets Hannah Turner, his once cold heart trembled at the sight. Even though he couldn’t offer her forever, a few nights in his bed could be the solution to the attraction burning between them.

You can buy the book here: Hannah’s Duke: Regency Sexy Romance (The heir and a spare Book 4)



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