When real life inspires a book

The opening scene in Betrayed is based on a true story. Betrayed opens with the hero naked in a hotel lobby, and before you say, ‘What kind of dickhead does that happen to?’ let me tell a little story about Mr Dahlia. Don’t panic—Mr Dahlia has consented to his story being used, both in the book and for marketing purposes, and honestly, he’s told this story to more people than currently subscribe to this newsletter…

You can read the full story in my newsletter (at this link). Needless to say, Mr Dahlia hasn’t been back to that hotel, nor has he been naked in public since then!

A reader over on Twitter made this cute graphic for Betrayed – I love it 🙂

The next book in the Farrellton Foster Family series comes out in June. Would it surprise anyone to hear that the opening scene is inspired by another one of Mr Dahlia’s life adventures? Find out by subscribing to my newsletter!

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