Interview: Rania Battany

Rania Battany lives with her family of nine consisting of herself, her husband, three kids, the dog, and three chickens. She writes the kind of books she enjoys reading, which are emotionally driven contemporary romances that tug at the heartstrings but leave you feeling hopeful.

Your first contemporary romance novel, ‘this is kaylah’ came out in February 2019. What was the inspiration for the story?
The truth to this question is that there was no inspiration. I woke up one morning last year and the story just popped into my head. I can’t explain it, nothing has ever happened to me like that before. I sat down that day and started typing it out.

Who is your perfect heroine? And why?
My perfect heroine is a relatable one. One that isn’t perfect, or kick-arse, or strong and powerful from the get-go. But one that becomes that way through hard work and perseverance. One that fights for what she wants, and for what is right, even though she may be scared, or worried, or has some self-doubt. This is a woman that inspires me.

Other than books, what is one item you can’t resist buying?
Plants. Mainly fruit trees and cottage style flowers. Gardening is one of my biggest loves in life.

What are common traps for aspiring writers?
Getting stuck in a bubble and not networking with other, more experienced, writers. Writing is so isolated sometimes, but there is so much to learn from others who have been there before.

What was your hardest scene to write?
In my second book, ‘Fleeting Moments’, which will be released at the end of 2019, my protagonist’s tendency to self-sabotage is heart-breaking. I had to write a series of scenes where she destroys all the relationships that mean anything to her because of her inability to cope with her emotional past. I found these incredibly difficult to write. They took me so long and they kept me up at night. I had to force myself to keep at it because I knew it was all a part of her healing process and that she was going to be a better person in the end because of the heartbreak she went through.

Blurb for ‘this is kaylah
When twenty-six-year-old Kaylah loses her job, finding a new one is harder than she anticipates. Her brazen honesty and fun-loving nature eventually attract Jason’s attention, the emotionally guarded owner of Edge Marketing, and she is offered a job as an administrative assistant.
Everything seems to have finally fallen into place. That is until Elisha, an attractive and confident marketing consultant starts an unwarranted siege of taunting against her.
As Kaylah progresses in her new job, the truth behind Jason’s emotional detachment slowly unravels, as does the reason behind Elisha’s relentless harassment, and Kaylah becomes stuck between the secret they share.
Can she help Jason break the ties that bind him? Or will she get caught in the heartache still haunting him?
A story about honesty in love, ‘This Is Kaylah’ delves into the fragility of heartbreak and the relationships we need in order to heal the scars of our past.

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