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The Be Mine: Valentine Novellas to Warm The Heart is a collection of romance novellas for Valentine’s Day. Starting with low heat, and rising to steamy!
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Heidi Kneale describes herself on Twitter as “Ambidextrous polymath. SF/Fantasy/Romance Author. Narrator. Citizen Scientist Astronomer. Relief Society Sister. Composer.”

Your story in the Be Mine Valentine Anthology is “Be My Grl”. What was the inspiration for the story?

This was inspired by those Valentine candy hearts with little sayings on them. I’d written a Candy Hearts story before, but continued to be inspired by the theme of communication and love. Our Heroine has fallen in Love At First Sight for the first time in her life. She’s never had such overwhelming feelings like this before and it confuses her. At least she’s got the kinds of relationships in her life that she’s okay with talking out her confusion. But when it comes to love, words tend to trip her up.

Sometimes expressing what’s truly on your mind or in your heart can be a daunting thing. But give someone a little candy heart, it can save you a bit of embarrassment… maybe.

You’ve published 10 books. Which main character would be the most embarrassed to get a public Valentine’s gift, and why?

Probably Adrastea, my heroine out of God of the Dark. She’s busy trying to avoid romantic entanglements with chthonic gods.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

I love anything edible! At my age, I’m over things. I’ve got more than enough jewelry. Flowers fade and die. But chocolate lasts forever (on my hips).


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