Be Mine: Novalee Swan

The Be Mine: Valentine Novellas to Warm The Heart is a collection of romance novellas for Valentine’s Day. Starting with low heat, and rising to steamy!
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Novalee Swan is a bestselling Indie Romance Writer and the author of the Shifter Town series. She puts her writing degree to all kinds of use and loves creating hot alpha heroes who know how to scorch the sheets.

Your story in the Be Mine Valentine Anthology is Sin City Valentine. What was the inspiration for the story?

I am a closet Kdrama fan and I watched a series called Hotel King that I loved. Suddenly, being a general manager of a hotel seemed incredibly sexy. I set the story in Las Vegas because of the opulent hotels and casinos there, like the Bellagio. And a casino needs someone to protect all that money, so along came Leila Rose, the Chief of Security.

You’ve published five books. Which main character would be the most embarrassed to get a public Valentine’s Day gift, and why?

That’s easy. Connor Reid from Bear Essentials: Shifter Town Book 4, my latest book. He’s a grizzly bear shifter. He’s this sexy mix of shy alpha (as in, no one can beat him in a fight, but he doesn’t know how to tell the girl he likes that he likes her). Getting a public Valentine’s Day gift would be way worse than having teeth pulled for him because he hates being the centre of attention. I also have a secondary character, Seren, who’d probably shed blood if someone gave her a Valentine’s gift, public or private—and I’m totally tempted to make that a scene in a future book!

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

Hmm. It has to be romantic, personal and unique. I’m going to say that my ‘ideal’ gift is a hand-written love letter that I find hidden in an antique wooden writing desk. But I’d be very happy with a bouquet of my favourite flowers.

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