Interview: KC Luck

KC Luck is a writer of lesbian romance novels who is living her best life. On her website, she says, “Not until I became an author did I finally realize what it meant to live a completely fulfilling life. I love what I do and never intend to stop giving what is inside my head and my heart to my readers.”

Your 9th book, Back to Ruby’s (Ruby’s Bar Book 2), came out on July 27th. What was the inspiration for the story?
Back to Ruby’s (Ruby’s Bar Book 2)” – the sequel to “Welcome to Ruby’s (Ruby’s Bar Book 1)” – is about a group of close friends who hang out at bar they consider a second home. The inspiration came from my experiences visiting bars around the world and interacting with friends or sometimes even just people-watching. It’s a conglomeration basically of all the great places I’ve gone and fun people I’ve known.

Which author would you most like to meet?
Actually, I met a lot of lesfic authors I admire at the big GCLS conference in Pittsburgh last year. Lee Lynch, Karin Kallmaker, Ann McMan… all major wow factors. Made a ton of other friends too. A great event. Outside of our niche, I’d love to meet Oprah. She’s not really thought of as an author, but her personality and charisma are off the charts. I know spending time with her would be fun and educational.

Is there a genre of book you would like to write but haven’t yet?
Historical fiction. I love reading in that genre and hope to someday write one. They take time and research to do them justice though and right now I’m just not ready to make that commitment on a single book. In a couple years I will tackle it. I already know my plot. And maybe a mystery! That would be a lot of fun to try and shock the reader. Just need to think of the perfect idea first, but then, don’t we all.

Other than books, what is one item you can’t resist buying?
Groupon. I’m becoming addicted to Groupon. Doesn’t seem to matter what the item or service is, I’m interested in buying it. Online photograph class 80% off? Sign me up. Monthly beer subscription for half price? You bet. Seriously, I might have a problem.

If you had an entire week to do whatever you wanted, with no consequences, what would you do?
Play Texas Hold ‘em No Limit high stakes poker. I probably wouldn’t even sleep. I love the game and with COVID-19, I haven’t played in months. It’s a fantastic sport, full of strategy and a great way to socialize. I’ve made some fun friends over hands of poker. Best part? I’m good at it. If this writing thing doesn’t pan out, I might try the circuit (don’t tell my mom).

Blurb of Back to Ruby’s (Ruby’s Bar Book 2)

The bar is open and all your friends at Ruby’s are back.

Christmas is usually Rey Madrona’s favorite time of year, but with eviction from her apartment looming and problems at the hospital where she works, Rey’s only bright spot in life are her friends at Ruby’s – especially her sexy roommate, Marty.

When Marty Heath finds herself in Rey’s arms under the mistletoe, her wishes about her roommate seem ready to be fulfilled. At least until her phone rings to ruin the moment and sends her life spinning out of control.

Rey and Marty are the best of friends… but could they someday be more? And what will it take to finally bring them together? Maybe a place like Ruby’s.

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