Interview: Susanne Bellamy

Pictures of You: Sparkling Contemporary Romance novellas author Susanne Bellamy answered a few questions about this anthology.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead characters in your Pictures of You: Sparkling Contemporary Romance novellas novella?
Anne Hathaway would make a wonderful Philly. I imagine her as a joyful traveller, curious and keen to discover what each new place has to offer. I’d love to see Jamie Dornan as Alex. Given Jamie is half-Scottish, half-Irish, his accent should be swoon-worthy, and I’d love to see him wearing glasses!

What were the challenges of writing about the COVID pandemic?
My biggest challenge was to be true to the broader experiences of life under COVID restrictions while not depressing readers with too-vivid memories. Living in Queensland, we had it fairly easy as far as restrictions and lockdowns went, so my personal experience of the hardships suffered by many was limited. However, I had daily FaceTime chats with my daughter in Melbourne, where they had some of the longest and most stringent lockdowns, so I drew on her experiences and state of mind, and made Melbourne Philly’s current home, although her family lives in Queensland. There’s nothing like using slices of life to create realistic scenarios.

What was the best part of working with other authors for the Pictures of You: Sparkling Contemporary Romance novellas anthology?
The best part of working with others is being inspired by the many and varied perspectives each writer offers. I love seeing how differently each of us interpreted the brief for this anthology. Funnily enough, my story came to me as a dream. I guess my subconscious was playing with possibilities as I slept, but I was lucky enough to remember and write it down when I woke.

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