Strum Me Hard: What’s In A Name?

A couple of years ago, OSRBC member Nancy Bozeman mentioned on a post in the Facebook group that she’d always wanted to be a character in a book. Well, I wrote the book and it’s up for pre-order now. It took a while, Nancy, but it’s finally here. I hope it was worth the wait!

“Dedicated to romance reader Nancy Bozeman who always wanted to be a character in a book. I hope you enjoy this one.”

The novella is the second one in this series, and readers can grab the first one, Count Me In, for free when signing up to my newsletter here:

Strum Me Hard (Nancy’s book) is available for pre-order here:

A down on her luck popstar meets a polite socialite entrepreneur with a scandalous secret life …

Job musician and ex-lead guitarist for 90s band BeST, Vivian Koranne had been living her best life when the pandemic stopped all live music. The offer to create music for a lingerie brand is a lifeline, and she jumps at it, and gorgeous Nancy who runs the company.

Nancy Bozeman’s trust fund would keep most people happy, but she wants more. When she hires compelling musician Vivian Koranne, she knows she’s going to shock her friends all over again, just like when she became an “aunt” or started a plus-sized lingerie company. She doesn’t expect to be shocked herself by their mutual attraction.

Despite being worlds apart, they’re both hiding their true selves under what people expect, and as they work together, their chemistry is undeniable. But how can two very different women find love together?


  1. […] A cute story about this book is that Nancy Bozeman is named after a romance reader who mentioned in a facebook group that she’d always wanted to have her name in a book. […]

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