RWAUS22: Social Media with Amanda Kendle

These are my notes from the Romance Writers of Australia 2022 conference. Please be aware that this is not a transcript.

Polishing And Strategising Your Online Presence – Amanda Kendle

People are fascinated by authors because everyone think they have a book in them.

What is your online presence?
– website
– socials
– newsletter
– other?

You don’t need to do everything (and you can’t). Just do a few things well.

– a must have
– it’s your home base
– you have control
– check how it looks on mobile

– content that you control
– part of a website
– great for search engine optimisation (SEO)
– it’s proof that you can write
– content you can share on socials and in newsletter
– best blog posts are 450 words

You don’t want to do the same work more than once.

Facebook Profile
– gets good reach
– only small % of posts (20% or less) are about business
– BUT privacy issues

Facebook Page
– reach is slipping
– good for older demographics

– great for engagement
– showcase writing and personality
– engage with readers

– the current social darling
– younger audiences
– use your author name as a hashtag

Have a look and see what others are doing, and reserve your author name, just in case you want to be there later.

– great for connecting with authors
– better for craft and publishing discussions than promo

– business focused

– a reader space

– you can control the content
– you own the email list and visibility
– can contact fans if a social platform collapses
– it’s a reminder that you exist

– loyal audiences
– a lot of work
– best to be a guest on one if you aren’t passionate for the format

– ditto podcasts

What kind of content?
– behind the scenes
– inspirational quotes
– memes
– talk about your characters
– updates on your wip
– cover reveals
– good news, reviews, awards
– question and answer video
– writerly problems
– pets
– some platforms prefer video

– Ask: Who is your target?

– Pick platforms that you enjoy being on

– Make time for what matters (writing)

– consistency is best; frequent and ok beats irregular and perfect
– max of 3 platforms to focus on
– keep audience in mind
– plan content
– have fun

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