RomBkLove 2018

Started in April 2017 by Ana Coqui, RomBkLove occurs twice a year on Twitter. Ana’s website states:
What is #RomBkLove?
It is a month-long opportunity for readers to celebrate the romance they love to read and to help cultivate romance-centric conversations. Each day during a #RomBklove event, there is a different prompt to drive discussion.

Here are my answers to the prompts – just in time to buy yourself a few books for the holiday period. I didn’t find answers to all of them, because life got in the way, but I hope you find a good book or few among them.

1 Couldn’t Put It Down

2 Fluffy

3 Made You Blush

4 Sports

5 Still Looking: Hard-to-Find Tropes

6 Civic Engagement: Public Service, Politics, & Activism

7 Categorical Love: Harlequin/Mills & Boon
Historicals got me hooked on category, and I’ve read every Dare published to date. Jackie Ashenden writes the best tension, Claire Connolly is heart warming and hot, there are so many.

8 Hard to Categorize: All Those Cross-Genre, Mini-Genre Delights

9 Unlikable Heroines

The whole town dislike her and she’s prickly and awkward but adorable.

10 What Did I Just Read? OTT & WTF

He pretends to be his dead twin, and the plot is basically total crazy sauce. It’s problematic as hell, but also amazingly creatively plotted.

11 Cross-Class: There are so many Dukes and governesses, but the one I adore the most is Tessa Dare’s Any Duchess will do where a Duke picks a servant and bets his mother can’t turn her into a Duchess.

12 In Uniform: Not strictly in uniform, but I adored the way this book twisted up the biker romance trope.

13 Stolen Kisses & Sexy Interludes

14 Power Dynamics

15 Slump Busters

16 Just a Fling

17 Fantastical: Fantasy & Urban Fantasy

18 Romantic Bargains: Fake Relationships & MOCs: I love these, and have written two.

19 Holidays

20 Rom-Coms

21 Travel

22 Found Family

23 Crafts & Hobbies
The fourth book in my Merindah Park series has a heroine whose hobby is pedigree analysis, and that’s how she meets the hero – a horse trainer.

24 Sweet as Pie/Cinnamon Rolls

25 Get a Clue! Romantic Mysteries: I love historicals that have a mystery thread running through them, such as

26 Hometowns Many Australian Rural Romances have a theme of returning home to the farm or small town. I’ve enjoyed Echo Springs, particularly:

27 Introverts: Bookworms, Wallflowers, & Recluses

28 Extroverts: Life of the Party

29 SFR & Space Opera

30 Can’t Read Just One – Courtney Milan. Her Duchess War series was the first one of hers I read, and I had to read everything she’d ever written immediately!

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