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Over the next week or so, I’m going to be interviewing each of the eight authors in the Only One Bed: A Steamy Romance Anthology Vol 1 (Romancing The Trope). I’ve put them in alphabetical order and a quick reminder that this blog uses Amazon Affiliated links.

Ali Williams‘ inner romance reader is never quite satisfied, which is why she oscillates between writing romance, editing romance, and studying it as part of her PhD. She can be found at the foot of the South Downs in the UK, either nerding out over local mythologies or drinking cocktails on the beach. She believes with all of her bifurious heart that writing romance is an act of rebellion and that academia will be so much better when studying diverse HEAs is naturally part of the curriculum.

Your story in the Only One Bed anthology is Holding On. What was the inspiration for behind the story?

Holding On was a bit of an experiment, in the most fun kind of way. I usually write paranormal and speculative romance, so the opportunity to write a contemporary romance narrative meant that I got to try things that I wouldn’t usually. I was determined to make it super soft and super sexy and found myself writing about two unnamed characters who are at the beginning of their relationship, and all that that brings with it: dates, awkwardness and first times.  There’s anxiety and (CW) some PTSD about an off page car crash, but most of all there’s affection and kindness and the delicious newness that comes with getting to know each other.

Oh and multiple orgasms.  Just because.

What do you love about the Only One Bed trope?
I love anything that’s forced proximity related, and the only one bed trope just takes it to that next level.  There’s all that build up, and then a “what will they do…?”  Of course, that doesn’t mean there has to be sex in an only one bed scenario – just sleeping in a bed next to someone can be incredibly intimate.  And one of the things I love about this anthology, is seeing how everyone’s treated it slightly differently…

Are any of your other books connected to your story in the Only One Bed anthology?
This is actually my debut!  I’m incredibly excited!  I do have a paranormal series contracted with Violet Gaze Press that is forthcoming, but other than the multiple orgasms, it won’t be connected to this story.

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