Guarded Hearts: Debra Deasey

Debra Deasey is an Australian writer whose steamy contemporary romances with themes of friendship, family, and strong female characters.

Tell me about your characters in this story.
Nell is the quirky, trouble prone girl that lives in all of us. She trips over her own feet, snorts when she laughs and she is tired of living in her brother’s shadow.
Luke is her brother’s best friend, and someone Nell has had a crush on for years. He doesn’t see her as the gorgeous woman she has become, but more of the girl she was growing up.
Nell starts work as a cop at her brothers and Lukes’s station, and the spars soon fly when they are undercover together.

What inspired this story?
I wanted someone who was quirky but fierce and someone who can rescue herself.

Where is your favourite place to write?
Sitting in the sun somewhere, with a strong cup of coffee, with noise all around me. Somewhere I can people watch.

Apart from books, what can’t you resist buying?
Plants! Green. Leafy, shiny plants with lots of color that change as the seasons change.


All Nell wanted was a fresh start, but instead she got him.

Luke is the most stubborn, frustrating man Nell has ever met. He is also her brother’s best friend. For years, Luke has only seen her as his friends’ little sister, until they are undercover together, both on the job and in the sheets. Luke aches for Nell, but when their lives are at risk, he vows never to let her go again.

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