Guarded Hearts: Sara Hartland

Sara Hartland is an Australian contemporary romance author. She loves penning emotional stories with heart, heat and a happy-ever-after.

Tell me about your characters in this story.
City girl Hannah Jones is back in the Australian Outback for one reason, and it’s not to renew ties with her hot former neighbor. She’s the only one left in her family, so sorting out her father’s messy affairs rests on her shoulders.
But her search for answers about missing cattle puts her life in danger.
Former lawman Jacob McGovern came home from the US to help run his family ranch, but he can’t help himself when he realizes his neighbor needs him. After fighting his attraction to his best friend’s sister his whole life, now he must hold her close to keep her safe.

What inspired this story?
Cattle rustling intrigues me. It’s a crime with a long history and is hard for police to stop when stock roams over vast open country. And I just love a reunion story, especially where there is unrequited lust in the mix.

Where is your favourite place to write?
I can write anywhere, but I’m in totally addicted to my double monitor screens. I love to zip between my story and quickly researching a detail so I can keep my characters’ exploits grounded in reality.

Apart from books, what can’t you resist buying?
Coffee. I’m currently a cappuccino tragic, but I flit between all the styles. With summer coming to Australia where I live, I’ll be switching to iced long blacks—like an Americano over ice, for readers in the United States.

Thanks Renee, for sharing a little about me and this story. Her Cowboy Protector is out soon in Guarded Hearts: Protector Romance Anthology, along with 16 other gripping stories. Available for pre-order for way less than a coffee, for a short time!

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